Cannabis Legalization Spawns Diverse Consumer Marketplace

BROOKLYN, NY – 28 Mar, 2017 – Increasing legalization and acceptance of cannabis has given rise to a wider and more diverse range of users – from moms and executives to athletes and connoisseurs. Tailoring products and services to the different emerging consumer groups and their unique motivations presents a challenge to entrepreneurial cannabis businesses.

To help meet this challenge, two marketing veterans are launching RED BOMBr, a strategy consultancy for the cannabis industry, that helps product makers, dispensaries, growers, and investors better understand the opportunities presented by different consumers.

 “As cannabis users become more sophisticated, branding will begin to play a more prominent role in their decision-making process. Understanding the different motivations, wants, and needs of each consumer group will be a distinct competitive advantage in the increasingly crowded marketplace,” says co-founder and Head of Consumer Insights, Shin Tsumoto.

RED BOMBr is co-founded by successful executives Dave Palomares and Shin Tsumoto. Together, they are leveraging their expertise in building consumer brands and developing new products for some of the most iconic brands in the world, to help cannabis companies seize new opportunities.

“Working in the craft beer, gourmet coffee, and snack foods industries has given us a unique perspective on dynamic consumer markets and where cannabis might be going. We are on a mission to bring the unique tools and methods that we’ve developed and put them in the hands of ambitious cannabis entrepreneurs,” says co-founder and Head of Strategy, Dave Palomares

The team’s mission connected them with Outco, one of the largest cultivators in California. “Shin and Dave conducted a ground-breaking study on cannabis users in California. The findings allowed us to identify and prioritize our high-value customers, which helped us to refine our brand strategy and create a host of new products,” says OutCo VP of Marketing, Alex Bryan.

Using their data-driven, consumer-centric approach, RED BOMBr’s research uncovered numerous significantly different cannabis consumer groups. Each of which presents unique opportunities for companies that can effectively target them with meaningful products and services.


RED BOMBr LLC is full-service marketing and strategy consultancy dedicated to the cannabis industry with a specialty in new product development. With advanced consumer and industry knowledge, RED BOMBr’s diverse team of researchers, brand marketers, and strategists bring a combined 50 years of experience in marketing, consumer research, and product development for global companies like Google, Starbucks, Diageo, and Molson-Coors.

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