PaveScapes 1-Inch paver-stone saves homeowners thousands compared to traditional 2-Inch pavers

Laguna Beach, CA – PaveScapes Inc, the best pavers company in Laguna Beach, California. PaveScapes Inc, became the paverstone leader in California due to the their unique approach to concrete paving. Primarily due to PaveScape exclusive 1-inch paver stones that are fractions of the cost of traditional 2-inch pavers. PaveScapes paver stones are now the common style of concrete pavers, typically installed in Orange County and Los Angeles California.

“PaveScapes pavers are great, they are a fraction of the cost, easier to work with/ install, and are environmentally friendlier when compared to the traditional 2-inch pavers since concrete demolition is a minimum” says Rick a previous customer from Huntington Beach, Ca.

“PaveScapes Paver stone is easy to lay down and replace if ever wanted, and adds property value to each property its applied to,” says company representative, Paris Pistilli. “Recently apartment complexes have started using pavers due to the cost-effect solution vs replacing their pool decks with traditional concrete, this is a great solution for those on a budget and are interested in concrete pavers.”

Featuring the 1-inch paver stone, PaveScapes Inc, the premier installer of 1-inch thin Pavers, Travertine, and Natural Stone, proudly offers their services to everyone who needs any paving overlay, including driveway pavers, patio pavers, and pool coping. The 1-inch paver stone are preferred by many as it is the best solution for both cracked and stained concrete since it can be applied directly ontop of existing concrete. If your concrete is unsightly, PaveScapes Inc can install interlocking pavers for your property, or supply your local contractor with pavers to do themselves, to save you money. PaveScapes Inc is a trustworthy Orange County and Los Angeles concrete pavers supply service and they promise a cost-effective and safe product included with your stone paving purchase. More and more landscape and concrete industries can attest to PaveScapes Inc quality production and service in supplying them with materials, as PaveScapes supplies them with pavers to be utilized as an income generator.

PaveScapes Inc services are less costly without compromising the quality of the service and concrete paver  products used. Don’t forget, installing PaveScapes exclusive 1-inch pavers saves you thousands due to its thin size and ease of installation. Many contractors throughout Orange County and Los Angeles use 1-inch pavers to increase their profits and decrease the cost to their customer. Since PaveScapes Inc doesn’t only solve their customer’s uglyconcrete, they help the environment by reducing the concrete removal while promoting safety through their products and procedures – carrying out minimum demolition and dumping requirement altogether. PaveScapes has many happy customers throughout Orange County & Los Angeles County due to their quick and responsible approach to every job. This is due to their number 1 priority of making the customers satisfied and happy with their job.

Also, there are numerous testimonials from their past clients, making PaveScapes the best pavers company in Orange County and Los Angeles.

“Having our concrete deck demolished would have cost us thousands, using PaveScapes pavers which are applied directly ontop of your concrete, saved us thousands as what a great alternative. PaveScapes seems to be the premier paver stone installer in Orange County as of right now” says Jim from San Clemente.

Having a paving problem for either a residential or commercial property? Well, it is wise to call for the best, quickest, and safest solution out there, PaveScapes Inc for the 1-inch paver stone service at an affordable rate, at (714) 947-4110. Or, visit their office at 1340 E. Pomona St., Santa Ana, CA 92705.

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