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SAN JOSE, CA – 28 Mar, 2017 – Recently, we had a chance to catch up to Matthew, founder of Stark Marketing. He is extremely busy with onboarding and we had to reschedule twice. Once we finally had a chance to sit down with Matthew, our first question was: “Why is the owner of the company handling onboarding? Don’t you have staff to handle that?” His answer surprised us.

“Yes, I can hand over all duties to others and just focus on growth. But, I strongly feel that the healthiest growth comes from creating raving fans. Each client we get, we treat like family. There are no stale campaigns and each client gets extra special treatment. I really feel that the intangibles are just as important as results. After all, we have the unique ability to generate leads/sales for each client, which means their Christmas party each year will be better and better and I want an invitation!”

His answer begs the question… “How do you deliver the results that guarantees that?”

According to Matthew “Hard work and a willingness to go the extra mile.” He mentioned some statistic about client retention vs. acquisition (which I forgot to write down). But the gist was that he saves time and money by keeping clients versus having to always find more to replace dissatisfied ones. The biggest secret, according to Matthew, is to commit to a timeframe and if each milestone is not met, then double the effort leading into the next milestone. He thereby ensures that long-term goals are met.

“After 10 years of doing this, I have found a rhythm that works. I perform some SEO tasks. Measure results. Claim success or failure, rinse and repeat. As long as I stay on it, I see clients’ ranks climb. If they don’t, I work harder and with more variation. By and large, all my clients are on page 1 in 6 months. The only clients that may take a little longer are ones that have a brand new site and brand new domain name. And I tell them up front. I never overpromise. It’s never a great long-term relationship. And I am in it for the long-term.”

Stark Marketing must be doing something right. They have been awarded multiple honors by independent sources, none of which charged anything to even be considered! A few example sites that Matthew is proud of are: (top 40 nationwide), (#5 in California), and (#2 in San Jose).

If you have a website that needs help, love, or traffic, you should seriously consider Stark Marketing. Matthew is passionate about helping businesses get the value out of their website they were promised when they first bought their domain. He works with any budget and is always willing to consult. He asked me to list his cell phone just to show you his commitment to his clients.

Call him at (408) 425-5758 today and mention this article (he loves the press) for a discount on his services!

(This article was written by James Holden, a freelance writer and a friend of Stark Marketing).

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