Chinese Culture Strikes a Pose in NYC Times Square Call for Attention to Chinese Films and Arts

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Recently,Chinese Culture Center in HuNan of China was displayed on the big Reuters screen in NYC Times Square to send a message to all Chinese people in the world: please pay attention to Chinese films and Chinese arts with the heroic utterance of “letting Chinese people draw the attention of the world”. Simply few words yet attracted Chinese people and local American pedestrians. At the intersection of the world, what is Chinese Culture Center? How dare it require attention to Chinese films in U.S., a country permeated with Hollywood blockbusters? Why does it ask foreigners to care about Chinese art? Why is it so brave to let Chinese people draw the attention of the world?

This Chinese Culture Is Not CMC Holdings

Some passersby searched online what on earth Chinese Culture Center was and how it could actually board on the Times Square which was of symbolic meaning of opening up a new era, the world’s financial center while some took photos with their cellphones. After searching, some people thought it’s CMC Holdings which joined hands with IMAX China to set up China Film Foundation and bought CSL copyright with a price of RMB 8 billion. However, it’s not. As a matter of fact, it’s not the only company that’s concerned with Chinese films.

Actually, this time, it’s Huaren Exchange Center of Culture Property (hereinafter referred to as Chinese Culture Center that came to NYC Times Square. Established in Changsha, China, in 2016, it’s an innovative internet finance enterprise which was jointly initiated by Hunan Huaren Holdings Co., Ltd. and multiple cultural industry operation teams. It took the lead in China in introducing a new comprehensive transaction platform based on cultural rights and interests such as film and TV culture equity, right in rem, creditor’s right and copyright. It’s designed to provided investment and financing services for investors and China’s film and TV production teams through internet technologies.

Chinese Culture Center Lets Chinese People Draw the Attention of the World

In recent years, China’s film and TV industry has been in full swimming. In particular, given the official implementation of the Film Industry Promotion Law on March 1, it can be predicted that more capital will be invested in the film and TV industry in the future and films like Hollywood blockbusters are bound to be produced. Chinese Culture Center was the first be engaged in the film and TV property right transaction market last year. Now it plays a leading role in the industry. Especially after introducing the innovative “SCP” model, the company has entered a rapid development stage. Recently it has integrated resources on a large scale and initially taken shape by virtue of a series of share-holding, merger and acquisition measures. At the same time, it proposed the slogan of “letting Chinese people draw the attention of the world”.

According to WU Biao, founder of Chinese Culture Center, “letting Chinese people draw the attention of the world” is to focus on people for Chinese Culture Center which goes global. People-oriented is the development concept of Chinese Culture Center. Its core management team is composed of overseas returnees who have brought about international advanced financial and management knowledge and experience. As known to all, third-party internet finance platforms such as Alipay and WeChat have obtained dominant advantages in the world. Accordingly, on the virgin land of film and TV property right transaction in terms of internet finance, Chinese Culture Center intends to lead it with its innovative thinking and models, thus further winning respect of the world.

WU Biao also remarked that “letting Chinese people draw the attention of the world” is to focus on Chinese culture especially Chinese films. The number of domestic screens has so far surpassed 40,000, overtaking U.S. and being the first in the world. In 2017, it’s very likely for China to exceed North America and become the world’s largest film market. However, it doesn’t work by self-entertaining within closed doors. We need to work out more refined films than Hollywood films and share them with the global audiences. Hence, Chinese Culture Center will carry out a big film financing plan and orient towards common investors through the film and TV property right transaction platform so as to support Chinese films to go global and truly let Chinese people draw the attention of the world.

Besides, Wu Biao remarked that “letting Chinese people draw the attention of the world” is to center on Chinese arts. Plenty of Chinese artworks are collected in western museums. It’s exhaustive and numerous. However, in this way, China’s ancient cultural charisma is reflected in exhibits. Foreigners rarely have a vivid access to Chinese arts on the scene. As a result, Chinese Culture Center and Hunan Performance Group have made concerted efforts to launch the large-scale original acrobatics of “Pure China” global tour. So far, 40 performances have been made in 25 cities in Canada and U.S. Each performance has been spoken highly of by local audiences with warm responses. “Pure China” tour enables traditional Chinese culture to shine unusually in North America. It’s the best interpretation of letting the world watch Chinese people. It can be imagined how exciting it was at the beginning of 2017 when Chinese Culture Center got across the powerful idea of letting Chinese people draw the attention of the world in NYC Times Square. Maybe in the near future, we will be able to see the image of Chinese Culture Center in NYC again. At that time, it may not be the Times Square; instead, it’s NASDAQ, the shrine of capital.

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