Feminine Cleanser Jil Gyung Yi, Beauty Exhibition Participated to Guangzhou and Bologna


Ha U Dong Chun Co., Ltd. (CEO Choi Won Seog)’‘s feminine cleanser brand, Jil Gyung Yi said that they had successfully finished the beauty exhibitions held in Guangzhou, China and Bologna, Italy

Ha U Dong Chun Co., Ltd.(HUDC) attended the 2017 International Beauty Exhibition held in Guangzhou (China International Beauty Expo, Mar. 9th(Thu)-11th(Sat)) and the Bologna (Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Mar. 17th(Fri)-20th(Mon)). HUDC showed off its globally recognized technology by exhibiting Jil Gyung Yi, HUDC’s representative product and Miracle Gyn, which is now distributed to overseas markets as its main channel.

HUDC obtained a patent on “Composition for Preventing and Treating Vaginitis’ in 10 countries including Korea, China, USA and Russia and also achieved a patent on “Pharmaceutical Composition for Preventing and Treating Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome and Colpoxerosis’ in Korea, China and Australia as a proof of its technology.

Cosmoprof Bologna’ is a prestigious event that is recognized as one of the world’s 3 largest beauty exhibitions with the New York and the Hong Kong Beauty exhibition. HUDC’s Jil Gyung Yi attended last year and continues to attend European market to 60 countries and made participation about 250,000 visitors. 86 companies from strengthen its position. This year’s event had participation of 2,677 companies from 34 countries including Brazil, Germany and Finland visited Jil Gyung Yi booth. They were interested in distribution of products throughout various channels such as spa, beauty shop, and pharmacy, etc. Especially, the German beauty shop distributor and the Finnish feminine cleanser company are acknowledging the superiority of the products and are discussing for OEM progress

HUDC has completed cosmetics sales registration in Russia and Europe CPNP last year in order to improve the foundation for European entry. This year, we are expecting to spur online marketing through power bloggers in Europe and expand exports through new European buyers. It is firmly established in Chinese markets which are advanced to Europe. With eight agents in China and two cosmetics companies’ OEM sales contract, HUDC has started exporting from the last year, October. The 2017 International Beauty Exhibition held in Guangzhou is the world’s largest cosmetics and esthetic exhibition which is 45th exhibition of this year and it is an indispensable gateway to China and Asian markets. HUDC has attended the exhibition 3 years in a row with recognition of its technology and has continued to achieve steady progress.

Not only in China or Europe but as well as Southeast Asia, North America, Central and South America and even in Middle East, we’re planning to attract customers from a wide range of countries. In Japan, after registering the cosmetics, they also determined marketing permission from the Ministry of Welfare too. We are planning to attend in coming May, ‘International Beauty Exhibition in Japan’, ‘Cosmetics Exhibition in Shanghai’ including in July, ‘North America Las Vegas Cosmetics Beauty Exhibition’, September ‘Brazil International Beauty exhibition’, etc.

The CEO of HUDC, Choi Won Seog announced, “HAUDONGCHUN Co., LTd’s Jil Gyung Yi has started exporting to overseas markets actively from last year October to China, December to USA and this year January to Singapore.” and “we are planning to continue to consolidate our position as a women’s healthcare company by attending various International exhibitions and informing the world about HAUDONGCHUN Co., Ltd.’s technology and ‘Jil Gyung Yi.”

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