Emerging market talent plays new, important role in shaping the digital future

Nepal’s Light is a product by Madindra Aryal of Kathmandu Nepal. He created it with the help of a remote team of collaborators on the Collaborizm platform. In response to the devastating Nepal earthquake of 2015, Aryal has shipped 500 units and raised more than $10,000 in crowdfunding.
A growing Makers Movement is emerging from all parts of Asia and Africa to the Middle East. The nature of freelance work and entrepreneurship has also expanded dramatically via remote collaboration, and it’s changing the way technical innovation is being done.

New York, NY – March 28, 2017 – US companies have been importing and employing tech sector workers from emerging markets for decades. The Makers Movement and online collaboration platforms represent new alternatives to overseas employment.  US product developers now also have a greater ability to locate affordable, like-minded tech workers to bring their ideas to life.

One such platform is New York based Collaborizm, which is part freelance marketplace and part online incubator. Still in its first year, the platform has already attracted more than 100,000 members. Most are freelancers, young entrepreneurs, and recent graduates eager for real-world experience. The collaborative aspect, team building and ongoing engagement between the membership, is what sets Collaborizm apart.

Founder and CEO Steven Reubenstone says he created the platform because he was frustrated at the difficulty in finding collaborators himself, while studying mechanical engineering. Reubenstone encourages members to join forces and work on larger projects, rather than simply competing, as they would in a freelance marketplace.

Emerging market entrepreneurs and skilled workers collaborate with each other and with US-based partners on a simple, online platform at Collaborizm.com.  One of the platform’s biggest success stories originated in Kathmandu, Nepal.

See: https://www.collaborizm.com/project/41VwOaLoe

As Fast Company reported, “22-year-old Nepali native, Madindra Aryal, a young innovator & engineer, is using his solar powered invention, The Nepal’s Light, to aid those who lost their homes in the Nepal Earthquake.” The product was developed with the assistance of Reubenstone and using the Collaborizm platform.  Aryal has already delivered 500 units and raised over $10,000 in crowdfunding.

The prosperity of all economies, rapid-growth and mature, remains highly dependent on entrepreneurial activities. Small businesses are the lifeblood of economic growth — they provide a source of income and employment for the owners, create employment for others, produce new and innovative products or services, and drive greater value-chain activities.

The face of entrepreneurship is also changing. Small business owners across the world are increasingly young and female — which is also reflected in the Collaborizm membership.

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