Technology firm introduces innovative robotics for transportation infrastructure inspection

The Company utilizes testing methods that detect early stage deterioration and help extend the service life of our infrastructure assets.

For many years infrastructure inspections had been done the same way – relying on the observation and judgment of inspectors armed only with a flashlight, paper, and pen. The only available tools. Infrastructure Preservation Corporation (IPC) is a technology company that wanted to improve transportation infrastructure inspections by introducing modern and technologically advanced inspection procedures that can help the DOT (Department of Transportation) better budget existing dollars and save billions on untimely replacements.

The company carries out bridge inspection, road inspection, robotic and drawbridge inspection that produces accurate data and outputs. Data collected can be analyzed and used to better budget and make urgent and needed repairs to help extend the service life of these assets.

IPC developed and patented robotic devices that can for the first time thoroughly inspect bridge stays and the post tension cables that hold up our nations bridges.  These technologies represent an advancement in testing technologies that has made them leading infrastructure-testing firm worldwide.

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“Transportation infrastructure plays a significant role in the advancement of humankind and sustainability of the economy. However, much if our infrastructure has become dilapidated and beyond repair due to the archaic testing methods utilized in verifying their efficiency. We have taken innovative technology and didn’t just create the technology but refined the inspection process to give the Department of Transportation the kind of detail and advanced notice that they need to schedule and budget repairs. Many of our methods took years to perfect and patent. These inspection services will provide the DOT and the asset managers the information they need to perform their jobs better and save the transportation budget billions in the process  ” said Doug Thaler, CEO of Infrastructure Preservation Corporation.

IPC offers highly sophisticated infrastructure inspection service using cutting edge, patented, innovative technology. Their bridge inspection service includes TendonScan™, CableScan™, CrackScan™, BridgeScan™, PoleScan™ and ColumnScan™. Roadway inspection involves detecting early stage delamination, deboning and complete condition assessments that go way beyond the FHWA (Federal Highway) requirements, while the drawbridge inspection involves mechanical, electrical, structural and fracture critical inspections.

“What I like most about IPC techniques and methods is the smooth operation that exposes early detection of potential issues. Nondestructive testing has become the key component to maintaining the safety of critical infrastructure worldwide. They also parade highly skilled technicians and engineers that offer the best of knowledge to ensure that inspections are professionally completed,” said Joshua M, an engineer.

IPC techniques provide safe inspection for both the engineers and the public. No need for lane closure, traffic disruption or nighttime inspections. Their procedures also save manpower, equipment, and conform to FHWA and AaSHTO requirements.

Many of IPC’s inspections no longer require lane closures, boom trucks or night time inspections.  There is no need to inconvenience the public or put the inspector’s life at risk for many of IPC’s inspection services.

About Infrastructure Preservation Corporation

Infrastructure Preservation Corporation is a complex bridge inspection and robotic engineering firm. They offer inspection service for transportation infrastructure inspections using patented and modern robotic technology & equipment that ensures accuracy and makes repairs easier.

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