Organization Launches Heartwarming Campaign at Go Fund Me to Support Diversity and Anti-Hate Crime Fund

Dallas-based organization Xpressigence has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Go Fund Me of late to garner support for its diversity and anti-hate crime fund that will be allocated for the recovery of the unfortunate victims of hate crimes.

DALLAS, TX – 28 Mar, 2017 – Dallas-based organization Xpressigence has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at gofundme in support of its diversity and anti-hate crime fund. Founded on the cornerstone of unity in diversity; the organization slogans for embracing our differences to discover true unity. With the alarming rise in conflicts based on intolerance for differences today, there could not be a more relevant time for such a humanitarian initiative.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared towards raising around $100K.

“Marred with racial and cultural conflicts, the modern world today is in serious need of some real change more than ever before. It’s finally the time to stress inclusion rather than exclusion and empathy rather than hatred. At Xpressigence, we are committed to making the world a better place to live in by unifying people worldwide and by creating the necessary ambience for a peaceful co-existence. Our mission is to bring forth a peaceful environment where people irrespective of race, age, religion or sexual orientation – would be able to embrace the concept of a unified world, defined by understanding and respect for all. Our products are created to help the unfortunate victims of hate crimes and your generous support is of utmost need. Thus, this crowdfunding campaign. Let’s join hands to help people feel welcomed and safe in this world regardless of their race, age, religion or sexual orientation”, stated Nick Webb, the founder of Xpressigence while announcing the launch of the campaign.

The organization has come up with light, fun & creative T-shirts for everyone and 30% from the sale of the products and donations will be allotted to the recovery of the traumatized victims of hate crimes. The recovery programs include expert counseling by a licensed professional, assistance with medical expenses as well as provision of financial assistance needed due to the untimely death of a loved one. The organization is also looking forward to developing educational programs themed on diversity to bridge the unwanted gap of division in society and promote a strong sense of unity- a small yet crucial step towards world peace.

“You can either make a pledge today to support our campaign through gofundme or you can pre-order a t-shirt through our website

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