DropMock – Bringing Forth A Plethora Of Mock Ups For Enhancing Corporate Promotions

DropMock software is a specific program that is used for promoting brands via a variety of mock-ups on gadgets as Macbook Pro, iPhone, and standard objects. The visuals used are realistic, and products can be showcased against this backdrop.

March 29, 2017 – Los Angeles – To cater to the increasing need for professional promotional tactics of various companies, DropMock has brought forth a cloud-based ‘mock up’ design for the creation of mock-ups. Known as one of the topmost software creation companies, this has been in the limelight for a sustained period, and with this newly developed plugin, they have ensured a greater clientele base.

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From its inception, DropMock has provided options to keep its clients free from tedious work in regards to creation of advertisements and providing statements on behalf of the company. With this cloud-based ‘image and video mock up’ design suite, one can get hold of a series of professionally captured scenes that could be used for showcasing desired products. The interface presented comes with exclusive ‘one click’ option, where the DropMock software can be used for creating customizable scenes.

Launching this software at the World Techno Meet, 2016, CEO, DropMock stated, “We have been getting multiple complaints regarding framing of a proper backdrop for promotional purpose. With this DropMock Cloub-based soft, we have initiated the process of customizing designs for each product, and providing a range of SD and HD based downloads. Also, these mock ups could be used on PC’s, iPads, Laptops and a multiple of stationary (cups, etc.) objects. We provide your pathway to sales in the best manner!”

The primary feature associated with this product includes downloading of a set mock up and then editing it as per choice. The designs are of top notch quality, and this process takes a minimal time of some minutes. Negating any copyright issues, these pictures provided by DropMock software help in creating that special niche for a brand and finally, the brand can market their product accordingly.

Another important point to note is that this has in-house graphic content which can be used in multiple areas as creating viral Facebook posts, graphics, and videos for Sales Page and giving demos for e-commerce websites. In case one is looking for promoting one’s start-up, within a minimal cost, one can use SD and HD designs for T-shirts and create singular videos with this software from DropMock.

Testing this new feature, technical consultant, Maria Jones stated: “This DropMock software presents a huge opportunity for clients looking for promoting their products at a minimal cost. Given that it has set of pre-created mock-ups, the cost associated with Photoshop is reduced and completed in a 3-step process. Technical quality is integrated into creation of these professional graphic and video designs. This product has a long way to go.” 

The DropMock bonus points include – a pack of mobile templates, a collection of shadows and silhouette that can be used as temporary mocks, a set of abstract as well as business images and a book of marketing strategies. Along with that comes a package of theme and photos generator, and a contest plugin for initial testing.

This is truly a promotional format needed by the current marketers.

About the company:

This company has a plethora of mock ups ready to be customized for promotional purposes. Having made a name for itself in creation of such promotional software, this company ensures that marketing can get a new dimension within an affordable range.

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