More Freestanding Bath Shapes and Sizes Suitable for Smaller Bathrooms Available at JT Spas

JT Spas, a leading supplier of bathroom products in the UK, introduces a more varied range of shapes and sizes for its freestanding bath selection – ideal for the smaller bathrooms of today.

JT Spas understands that not all bathrooms have unlimited space – in fact, most bathrooms in the UK today are small and compact, allowing only for a limited number of bathroom elements. But people who are thinking of replacing their bath with a freestanding bath are concerned about the availability of space; this bathroom product supplier has just the solution: smaller, more compact freestanding baths.

The selection of freestanding baths available at JT Spas is more varied than ever. There are still many of the traditional freestanding baths on offer, with sizes ranging from 1700mm by 750mm by 600mm and 1770mm by 730mm, but there are other, smaller freestanding baths available as well.

These smaller and more compact freestanding baths are ideally suited to smaller, more compact bathrooms. One example is the Royce Morgan Kensington Small Freestanding Luxury Double Ended Roll Top Bath, which is only 1495mm by 785mm by 610mm. Another small and compact freestanding bath is the Royce Morgan Woburn Small Freestanding Bath in a modern, contemporary design, and it measures a mere 1490mm by 790mm by 590mm. There is also the Charlotte Edwards Belgravia Contemporary Small Freestanding Bath, with measurements of only 1500mm by 730mm by 590mm.

There are also smaller freestanding baths which can be installed against a wall, such as the Premier Campion Luxury Back to Wall Freestanding bath, complete with feet, which is only 1700mm by 745mm.

JT Spas says more about its freestanding bath collection: “Though a common item of the past, these elegant baths are gaining popularity again in this modern age. Their unique design and function make (them) a good candidate as an additional feature in any bathroom. JT Spas are proud to provide a diverse range of products that are created with a certain flair for quality and elegance that does not come at a hefty price, all sourced from leading manufacturers such as Moods, Phoenix and Royce Morgan, to name only a few.”

For those with small bathrooms, getting the freestanding bath of their dreams is not an issue at all. JT Spas has a wide array of baths that are more than suitable for any bathroom size.

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JT Spas is a trusted and popular bathroom product supplier in the UK offering budget-friendly yet high-quality bathroom products, including a varied freestanding bath selection. All its products can be found on the JT Spas website.

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