Freestanding Baths a More Popular Option for Bathrooms, as Confirmed by JT Spas

JT Spas, a leading bathroom product supplier, understands the changing needs of many customers today – and this includes a rise in preference for premium, high quality freestanding baths, which the supplier has in abundance.

JT Spas has provided customers with almost all the bathroom products and supplies they need, ranging from complete bathroom suites to shower enclosures, radiators, taps, toilets and basins, accessories, and even bathroom furniture. The company makes it a point to source products only from trusted and reputable bathroom product manufacturers, and one of the firm’s increasingly popular products today is its collection of freestanding baths.

Freestanding baths have been around for a long time, and a popular design is the traditional and classic claw-foot style. But today, thanks to new and more chic designs, freestanding baths are more popular than ever, as JT Spas also confirms.

It was once difficult for smaller bathrooms to have freestanding baths installed, simply because of space restrictions. But since there are now more designs and styles (as well as shapes and sizes) from which to choose, a freestanding bath can be easily installed even in smaller bathrooms as well. Freestanding baths now come in an array of sizes and shapes – from geometrically-inspired rectangular baths to smaller slipper freestanding baths, anyone can have their pick of the freestanding bath they prefer.

One prime example of a small but functional and luxurious freestanding bath design is the Royce Morgan Chatsworth Small Freestanding Luxury Single Ended Slipper Bath measuring only 1530mm by 710mm by 755mm. This style can easily fit into tinier bathrooms, along with boat-style freestanding baths and smaller contemporary oval baths measuring a mere 1490mm by 790mm by 590mm.

Freestanding baths are also more popular today not just because of their style and design, but also because of their functionality. A freestanding bath can often be equipped with hand-held showers for an alternative option whilst bathing, and freestanding baths offer versatility as well simply because they can be installed virtually anywhere – in the centre of a bathroom, along a wall, or in a corner.

JT Spas explains freestanding baths’ popularity today: “Popular during Victorian times, and now having been totally reinvigorated with contemporary designs, freestanding baths are now making a comeback. If you have a small bathroom that will not be a problem as we have over 40+ small freestanding baths to choose from in a whole range of styles and designs.”

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