Venezuela’s Pharmaceutical Companies Seek Refuge Abroad

“Yohanna Santa Marta at the Interface Packaging Fair in Messe Düsseldorf, Germany where she showcased her strategic marketing plans to partner with Venezuelan pharmacautical companies.”
Venezuela’s struggling pharmaceutical industry looks beyond its borders to stay alive amidst that country’s financial crisis.

Venezuela’s traditionally rich pharmaceutical industry, si now looking to expand beyond its borders to stay alive amidst that country’s financial crisis.

At the forefront of this effort is a bold marketer who is connecting the demand with the supply of pharmaceutical manufacturers out of Venezuela.  Yohana Santa Marta is an US educated pharmaceutical marketer who has created partnerships between Venezuelan based pharma companies with foreign counterparts in need of Venezuelan made products.  She has connected some of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing entities of the world.  Among Santa Marta’s clients includes Unipharma, SM Pharma, Salvat Biotech, S.A and even Chemo Group an Italian based pharmaceutical company.

Unipharma is one of her greatest success stories. Santa Marta lead the plan to create an American based subsidiary of SM Pharma, a Venezuelan based pharmaceutical products manufacturing company. In just 6 years Unipharma, the American version of SM Pharma, has become a protagonist in the liquid and semi-solid Rx, over the counter and nutraceutical formulation industry.  They are one of the fastest growing suppliers of sealed sterile vials all thanks to Yohana’s market analysis capabilities and ability to create timely partnerships.

Had it not been for Santa Marta’s intervention SM Pharma would have likely had to close their doors due to extreme inflation and devaluation of the Venezuelan bolivar.  

At a time when American pharmaceutical companies operating in Venezuela, like Pfizer ($PFE), are taking severe currency hits, Santa Marta’s role of providing Venezuelan based pharmaceutical companies with foreign opportunities has made her a major player in the industry. 

Santa Marta has become a specialist in helping Venezuelan pharmaceutical or pharmaceutical-related companies to expand their operation abroad or help them create significant partnerships abroad that help them weather that country’s financial crisis.

Santa Marta is looking to reproduce the success of Unipharma with other companies.

“Life science companies like Unipharma are a powerful economic engine for the US’ economy so the market is there,” confirms Yohana.

Governor Scott said about Unipharma, “We are excited to announce that Unipharma has chosen to locate their pharmaceutical headquarters in Broward County. Florida’s unemployment rate is below the national average and we’ve created more than 333,000 private-sector jobs since December 2010. The jobs being created by Unipharma are another example that IT’S WORKING in Florida.”

Mayor Kristin Jacobs of Broward County, FL, where Unipharma is located, said, “This project will create significant economic impacts for our community, as the company is expected to occupy a 135,000-square foot facility, create 100 new high skill/high wage jobs, and make a capital investment of $50 million.”

While Venezuela is going through their economic hemorrhage, it seems its pharmaceutical industry has found its doctor in Santa Marta. 

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