Airwheel S8mini Electric Balance Scooter Helps the Masses Enjoy the Advanced Technologies

With the development of science and technology, vehicles have been increasingly updated. Since intelligent electric scooters came into the market, they have been sought after by many young fashionistas. Airwheel S8mini intelligent power scooter helps the masses enjoy the advanced technologies.

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Self-balancing electric scooters have grown considerably fast in these few years. However, the traditional electric scooters have so many limitations that they can only be applied to short-distance trips. The launch of Airwheel S8mini two wheel saddle-equipped scooter has completely changed the shapes of traditional electric scooters. It shows a brand new advanced vehicle to the public.

Airwheel S8mini is a kind of sitting-posture electric scooter and meanwhile a standing up electric scooter, as it rewrites the algorithm and upgrades the pressure sensitive system from two-shaft driving to all-round three-shaft driving. The standing postures of former models make riders feel tired easily. So they can’t meet citizens’ need of long-distance trips. With the brand new sitting posture design, Airwheel Ideawheel S8mini double-wheels electric scooter has solved this problem. It helps S8mini get access to the mainstream market.

Airwheel S8 mini electric scooter

As a brand new product, Airwheel S8mini is added many pioneering elements. Airwheel brings together industrial designers’ ideas all over the world. Intelligent sensor systems with multipoint spread over the saddle and pedals. Therefore, riders can control S8mini self-balancing electric scooter to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, and brake, etc. by leaning forward or backward. Coupled with dual motors, Airwheel S8mini two wheel electric walkcar provides strong power with steady and continuous power output to ensure the vehicle negotiate on slopes, sand and other road conditions as easily as riding on plain roads.

S8mini intelligent power scooter

Its 10 inch tubeless tires with excellent performances ensure that you ride on any roads steadily. It is also worth mentioning Airwheel APP has a big upgrade. The upgraded APP is able to build a community for riders to share the joy of riding. Airwheel considers every detail for users: saddle, control mode and App. Advanced technologies contribute to the convenience of people’s life. Airwheel S8mini intelligent power scooter helps citizens enjoy the new technologies and experience more comfortable way of life.

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To conclude, Airwheel S8mini electric scooter helps the masses enjoy the advanced technologies.

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