Userlytics Offers Superior and Affordable Remote Usability Testing Services

Userlytics offers high quality remote usability testing services to customers and help them optimize Desktop applications, Prototypes, Online videos and various other types of assets.

Charlotte, North Carolina – March 29, 2017 – Userlytics uses remote usability testing to optimize various types of assets, such as Online videos, TV commercials, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Enterprise SW UI, Desktop applications, Competitive Evaluations, Website landing pages and designs, concepts, wireframes, Prototypes and more. The agency ensures the best possible user experience and shares access to various usability test results.

The official website of the company is, and ensures allows user testing of assets with actual people, in a cost-effective and fast manner, in the real world context as well as the point of view of comfort. The User Experience Testing offers user experience test results very quickly, and is applicable for digital assets such as Competitor Websites, Still Images, Video Commercials, PNG Design Concepts, Wireframes, HTML files, Prototype Apps, Production Apps, Android and iOS.

The user testing services from Userlytics are aimed at offering assistance in recruiting the appropriate prospects and customers. Users can get the chance to watch participants and listen to them from any part of the globe, answer questions, conduct usability tasks, interact with production assets or prototype and react to stimuli. They can repeat all through the user experience design cycle, which includes redesign, optimization, launch, Beta, prototype and concept.

There is no need for participants to travel to any other place. They can carry out user testing study at their workplace, home or any other area that is perfect according to their schedule. It can assist business owners in remote accessing of their actual persona at real time from any part of the globe.

There are Picture-in-Picture videos of users who take part, who they are and what they view. The company offers conditional branch logic, which lets people design the questions, assets, instructions or tasks seen and followed by participants, depending on their prior responses. The professional service team of Userlytics highlights the main comments and events in every video timeline, and offers them in an executive summary in an index-able format.

The company offers a new way to gather usability feedback, in keeping with fast teams. It provides customers with low-cost, quick and flexible solutions. The agency blends the ease of a panel of testers with the power of online testing, and offers actionable feedback that is required for user interface optimization. This brings collaborative intelligence and advanced user insight into software and web development projects at all development cycle stages. It uses SaaS Usability Testing Service that can easily be implemented and are comprehensive in form.

Userlytics has a team that is well experienced in agile, usability research and remote testing methods. It has offices in Spain, Madrid, San Francisco and California.

About Userlytics

Userlytics is a remote user testing service provider that helps in optimizing mobile platforms and apps, media planning and online campaigns, landing pages and website designs etc. It integrates all the features and services necessary for scaling user experience, testing research and usability.

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