Mosquito and Agricultural Pests Eradication – A New Weapon To Fight These Pests With Drone

Oakland, California A startup company is developing a plug-in modular design multi-function unmanned aerial vehicle (drone). This single drone can performs varies task.  A list of possible task includes eradicate mosquitoes, evict or eradicate agriculture pests such as mouse and caterpillar and beetles, indoor bedbugs, help farmers pollinate plants, clearing tree leaves on roof and street, dislodge rooftop snow, inside a house the drone refreshes and sanitizes dirty air and removes odors.

The company is also working on high attitude drone to prevent snow avalanche and hail stone forming.  They are working hard on their proprietary technology which is enabling its drone operates autonomously whether inside or outside utilizing GPS, (simultaneous localization and mapping) SLAM and advanced obstacle avoidance system.  The company’s priority is to put the drone to eradicate mosquitoes without spray chemical. Since this little insect carrying deceases and known for causing tens of thousands people’s life each year. 

To eradicate mosquitoes in passive attracting mode,the drone land on a designated ground site and attracts insects. Once insects are luredwill be immediately be eradicated.  In its active offensive mode, the drone hovers closer to insect nests using its high-velocity propellers, producing strong downdraft jet stream to disturb the nest and force insects, such as mosquitoes and the like, to evacuate from their nest. Once insects are airborne, the drone pursues and eradicates fleeing insects from below or behind.

To remove snow and fallen tree leaves. Drone hovers closer to rooftop blasting the snow with high velocity and volume of air to dislodge snow.  On street and on roof, drone corrals leaves into a pile using high velocity and volume of air.

This young startup company has been working on projects that improves quality of life and minimizes impact on the environment. The company is seeking for partners, co-founder to bring projects to serve the communities.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Robotic Vector Control
Contact Person: Simon Yu
Phone: 510-388-5787
Address:3806 Whittle Ave.
City: Oakland
State: California
Country: United States