Smart Airwheel E3 Electric foldable Bike Promotes City Development

Airwheel E3 is a bike that is powered by lithium-ion battery. That is to say, it not only offers effortless riding, but also is helpful to protect the living environment. The powerful folding system is good for saving parking space in city. Besides, it enjoys wide applications and big consumer base. The existence of E3 must promote city development.

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In process of city development, there are many dilemmas, such as road planning so as to avoid traffic jam, saving parking space or reducing environmental pollution and so on. Since the wide application of Airwheel mars rovers, those problems finally achieve breakthroughs. Take Airwheel E3 backpack electric bike for instance. It has done great job in promoting city development and providing people better life quality.

E3 Smart E Bike

Airwheel E3 is never an ordinary bike, but a foldable e bike. Just as its name implies, it is powered by high-end lithium-ion battery. In the meantime, there is a USB port installed in the battery, which offers power for some carry-on electronic devices, like cell phone or computer. Now that the source of power is electricity, E3 is emission-free and thus is environmental-friendly. Every part of E3 is made from high-quality material. The double-ring design in the body not only improves the sense of beauty, but also strengthens the load capacity. When people place an order of E3, they will get backpack with wheels, too. In fact, the bag is used to pack folded E3. On the basis of multiple folding system, it can be folded into very small figure and easily put in the exclusive bag. Then, people can take it to many small spaces. It also saves much more parking space.

E3 backpack electric bike

Traffic jam is the main obstacle in city travel, especially in rush hours. Widely applying Airwheel E3 Smart E Bike is helpful to relieve congested traffic, for it small figure is able to weave on road and even narrow interspace.

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Gradually, the city travel becomes smooth and relaxing. In addition, its operating arm is adjustable and the maximum load capacity is 100kg. In other words, it is suitable for most people, whether kids or the elderly. Big consumer base decides popularizing rate and wide popularization will promote city development.

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