My Personal Handbook by Dr. Harmony

Tampa, Florida – 29 Mar, 2017 – Today, Dr. Harmony announces immediate availability of her Book ‘My Personal Handbook: An Introduction to Me (Volume 1). The book which is a product of her years of experience as a Counselor and Guardian provides a source of encouragement to those who are tossed around by the vicissitudes of life.  

According to the Author, Dr. Harmony, “When life throws you curve balls, sometimes we lose our direction. This workbook is designed to bring you back to basics and reexamine who you are from a basic needs and value level”.

My Personal Handbook’ keeps you on tract on your journey to rediscovery and self-awareness. The book is for all those who are facing some major setbacks and challenges in life such as recovery from trauma, emotional heartbreaks, career disappointments, trauma and grief from loss of a loved one.

“This book really helps me get to know “why I do things” It helps me to see in my own writing how I see myself. It helps me turn the bad feelings into understanding why they felt bad. It’s just what the title says, my personal handbook. I look forward to the next volume(s)!” said Mary W, a buyer.

The book is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of Dr. Harmony’s commitment to deliver quality mentorship and advice to people facing hardship. The books are available for immediate sales https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1544296029/


About the author

Patsy Evans L.M.H.C., A.P., a.k.a. Dr. Harmony is one of Florida’s leading Mental Health Counselors and Clinical Sexologist. She brings her unique blend of skills and education specializing in Kink Culture and Sexuality, Relationship Counseling, Sex Positive Therapy, Traumatology, and Holistic Psychotherapy.

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