Registration has begun for the 2018 Kink Aware Therapist Training for Healthcare and Sex Education Professionals


Tampa, Florida – March 29, 2017 – Kink Therapy Certification Institute, KTCI, an institute that offers Certification Program to train Mental Health and Medical Professionals to work with Kinky Clients announces the schedule for its 2018 Kink Aware Therapist Training course which will be held between February and October 2018 at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology campus, Miami, or via webinar. This unique program offers a rare opportunity to train and update healthcare and sex education Professionals whose expertise encompasses alternative sexual, gender and relationship expression and for those wish to partake in it.

According to the Founder of KTCI and the program Instructor, Dr. Patsy Evans, “I’ve assembled this Kink Aware Therapist Certification Program to train Mental Health and Medical Professionals to work with Kinky Clients, as well as people living a variety of Alternative Lifestyles, that include Kink, BDSM, Fetish, Swing, Polyamory and the LGBTQA Communities”. 

The Kink Aware Therapist Training course covers a wide range of subjects such as kinky laws, rules and ethics, ethical monogamy, power exchange and D/S relationships, kink communities and culture etc., all programmed to further equip sex educators, sexuality resource managers, mental health clinicians or other healthcare professionals in the basics of unconventional sexual behaviors and to train them on their role as a Guardian and healthcare Provider. 

Potential Participants should visit www.ktci.education or www.harmonyusinc.com for more information.

About the Founder

Dr. Harmony is famous for his exceptional expertise in mental health counselling and clinical sexology, she specializes in kink culture and sexuality, relationship counseling, sex positive therapy, traumatology, and holistic psychotherapy.

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Phone: +1813-340-8694
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