LONDON – 29 Jan, 2017 – Baby Falcon Books, has recently released a revolutionary new book to teach children the functions of money.

With a planned series in the works, the books aim to teach children about money by utilizing multiple characters, illustrations, and adventures. By introducing money as characters with human-like features, a child will begin to think of financially at an early age and learns how to save and maintain money. The serie has four books with each focusing on the child’s talent for financial freedom.

Critics are praising the authors for their thoughtful approach to such an important topic. At the same time, thousands of children across the country are already making book-bound friendships with characters including Ara the little parrot and her parents.

To shape future books, the authors enjoys interacting with readers both online and offline.

“Our aim is to help children to start early in planning their financial life by understanding how the banks, loans, and credit cards functions. This will greatly help them to avoid bad debts and bankruptcy in the future.” said the spokesman.

With all of its success, Baby Falcon books has scored a healthy point for children around the world.

The book is now available in print and e-book in English and Spanish version.

For more information, please visit the book’s official website.

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Company Name: Baby Falcon Books
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