Beijing Health Hope Makes Health Management Accessible to Artificial Intelligence

David Hemenway, Professor of Health Policy, Department of Health Policy and Management of Harvard, said, we should make it easier to access to healthy food and opportunities to keep fit while harder to access to junk food. However, the facts in the US are the opposite. The conditions we create make it harder to exercise and easier to get junk food. The first ten death causes in China include seven chronic diseases, among which some diseases like diabetes and CVD can be prevented by healthy lifestyle.

How to make the health management channel more accessible? Beijing Health Friendly Technology Co., Ltd. believes that advanced health management methods, health services and precision products can be exported from artificial intelligence based on analysis on big data of human life and tracking on big data of life traces. And it has played a leading role in this field.

Beijing Health Friendly Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to creating a “precision health management platform”. Ms Li Yuxin, president of Beijing Health Friendly Technology Co., Ltd., who has devoted herself to health care for over a decade, is a famous entrepreneur and investor in China. Nowadays, Health Friendly Technology is working on connecting internet, APP and various media by erecting big data entrances of different segments, and creating a healthy ecological carrier of super-large scale by use of artificial intelligence technology to export health solutions to different groups of segment.
Three subsidiaries are subordinated to Health Friendly Technology, which are “Reduction” Technology, a light health management expert, providing users with AI precise and individualized defatting solutions, Digital Achievement Technology, providing infants and moms with professional evaluation and accurate products and services, and “I am Superman”, a cultural IP highly viewed and with super influence over TV and internet.

Reduction Brand is the only technology company working on precise and individualized defatting solutions. Currently, there are almost 10 million consumers. Reduction APP provides uniquely innovative D28 efficient defatting program, T20 fast defatting program, eating thinner program and other precise solutions. It connects central kitchen and many consumption scenes and works to create a top precision defatting system in China.

Digital Achievement Brand owns large volume of online and offline accesses, making its product sales channel nationwide with tens of thousands of Maternal & Child stores, serving over 100 million infants and moms. Advanced gene technology is adopted to collect, analyze and interpret big data of maternal and infant as well as providing individualized management for such data and relevant health products and other services. Currently, digital achievement platform has jointly created a “data bank of healthy infants” with CapitalBio Corporation, a famous testing company in China, aiming to create a digital health life for infants, creating a new place of omnibearing interaction and ecological system with internet, big data, digital life and artificial intelligence.

IP “I am Superman” produces comprehensive programs of fitness campaign by landing at “Travel Channels” of China’s famous TV channel, which won the peak view of the channel once broadcast. Afterwards, superman team exports its programs by short videos, live-broadcasting platforms, intelligent TVs and network operators in a large range, gathering over a hundred of China’s top fitness stars. By activities, information and products of various forms online and offline, it created a top fitness campaign IP in China.

Apart from the above companies, research team of Health Friendly Technology initiated a “Health Management Institute of Health Care Digitization” with Chinese Health Association. It worked with dozens of experts in health care science, research, artificial intelligence research team and health consulting team and developed theoretical systems like BTCM, thereby raising a flag of precision health management in China.

Ms Li Yuxin, president and CEO of “Health Friendly Technology” said, “From the perspective of the globe, health industry is in the trend of a rapid development. As the fast development of China’s economy, health consciousness of the citizens and recognition level to self health and family’s health are gradually deepened. Consumption on health products are even upgrading. “Health Friendly Technology” is now making efforts on precision health management and upgrading of health product consumption, providing consumers with various innovative offline and online health products and services.”

Doctor Li Yuxin expressed, health industry in China carries expectations of 1.4 billion Chinese and it has been on its way to a high-speed development stage. She said she will lead “Health Friendly Technology” and its team to continue to make innovations and investigations in development of health industry and work to realize enjoyable life of the whole nation and make more contributions of health and friendliness by creating a “health ecological platform of the whole nation”.

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