Men’s Moisturizing Lotion Makes Men’s Skin Healthy and Soft to the Touch, a grooming products and cosmetic manufacturer, recently launched its Men’s Moisturizing Lotion for men. or Baldwin Cosmetics recently launched its face moisturizer for men. The owners of claimed at a pre-launch press conference that the product can provide 360-degree skin care solution to men who want healthy and soft skin. At the press conference, the manufacturers also claimed that the product is not made of harmful parabens, which is one reason Baldwin Men Moisturizing Lotion has got more than 80% top rating on Amazon.

According to the manufactures, the most beneficial ingredient which they have used in the moisturizer cream for men is the Dead Sea minerals. They said that the Dead Sea minerals have the natural effects on men’s skin and are effective than many other chemicals formulated in laboratory environment. They also said that the cream can turn men’s skin as soft as a baby’s skin, which they claim is a salient benefit of the minerals they have used in their product.

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Instead of using parabens, the manufacturers have used natural oils which can be quickly absorbed by human skin. They said that the pleasant scent is the result of the natural ingredients which they have used in their product and maintained that the scent will linger all day. One of the top sales executives also informed that the product is specifically meant for men as their facial skin is affected by regular shaving and become rough over time. The natural oils, according to the executive have been handpicked by their research and development team. He stated that the natural oils can play a big role in repair skin damage and revitalizing men’s sin.

“We use Jojoba, Argon Oil, African Shea Oil, and Centella Asiatica, among many other ingredients which we do not want to disclose at this moment”, said Kobi Habodi, the chief media spokesperson for the cosmetics manufacturing company at a press conference. Kobi said that besides selling the product on Amazon, they will also now look for active distributors and dealers to partner with in Europe as well as in the Asia Pacific region. “We want to become a trusted brand name in the men’s cosmetics market segment”, he added.

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Baldwin Cosmetics is a leading manufacturer of cosmetic products for men.

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