Ryan Mack of San Diego Promotes Innovation That Puts Smaller Marketing Firms Ahead

SAN DIEGO, CA – 29 Mar, 2017 – Ryan Mack says that innovation in the marketing industry has pushed smaller firms ahead of large agencies that have traditionally dominated the market. The San Diego based executive, who is associated with marketing titan RM Marketing Group, says that many traditional firms have been too stubborn to break away from the methods that have long served them well. Mack claims doing so has allowed smaller firms to use innovation to win clients and produce substantial results.

“Digital marketing has revolutionized the ways in which we consume advertising,” Mack says, “But many large firms still aim to use traditional methods of television advertising and billboards to try and create brand awareness. While this isn’t entirely ineffective, it ignores the fact that many people no longer consume media through traditional sources.”

The rise of services such as Netflix and other streaming platforms has allowed for consumers to bypass ad-breaks and pay for premium services. Mack says this is a result of something that experts call ‘advertising fatigue’ – a phenomenon in which consumers are so fed up of advertising that they are willing to pay to avoid it entirely.

“Advertising fatigue has really damaged traditional advertising avenues,” Mack says, “People no longer want to be bombarded with information on products when they are trying to enjoy the media they consume. But many large advertising agencies are unwilling to acknowledge this trend, which allows for a unique opportunity for smaller agencies willing to exploit their larger counterparts.”

While larger agencies have extensive industry wide connections and vast sums of capital, smaller agencies can charge a much smaller price to improve a company’s digital marketing performance. Many of these smaller agencies are filled with young tech-savvy professionals who have been able to use technology to better target consumers. These tech-based methods also have the ability to target different sub-groups with much more effectiveness than traditional methods.

“Technology is they way forward in almost every modern industry on earth, advertising is no exception. As long as larger marketing agencies refuse to acknowledge this, there will be opportunities for smaller firms to capitalize,” Mack says.

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