Grammar Chic, Inc. Sheds Light on Optimizing Resumes for ATS

Many resumes do not start out in human hands, but rather are scanned by sophisticated technology. Grammar Chic weighs in on how job seekers can make their resumes stand out.

Companies are always looking for ways to make their operations more streamlined and efficient – and Human Resources is no exception. Hiring managers no longer carefully sort through each submission looking for the ideal candidate; they allow computer software (known as applicant tracking systems or ATS) to take the first pass and focus on the narrowed-down applicant pool that makes the cut. Grammar Chic, Inc. takes a closer look at what ATS technology means for job seekers and how to overcome resume challenges.

“ATS have been a game changer,” says Amanda Clark, CEO of Grammar Chic. “It’s not enough for your resume to look and sound great. It also must be aligned with the key phrases, skills, and experience that hiring managers are looking for and ATS are tracking. Even if you’re a perfect candidate, if your resume doesn’t check the right boxes, you risk being passed over.”

ATS software may spend as little as one-fifth of a second scanning a resume to see if it meets requirements. This means job seekers must be more focused than ever on tailoring their resume and paying attention to every single job description they apply for. Submitting the same resume for multiple postings isn’t going to cut it anymore. Customization is key.

“You don’t have to completely rewrite your resume for every job,” notes Clark. “But pay attention to the wording used in the description and adjust your resume to contain those same phrases. If the job opening uses the term ‘customer relations’ instead of ‘customer service,’ make sure your resume does too. It seems like a minor detail, but ATS are programmed to scan for specific words and phrases. The higher your match, the more likely you are to make it through to the next round.”

Clark points out that keywords should be used naturally throughout resume content, but having a core competencies section at the top can help as well. This section of keywords appeals to ATS and allows employers to more quickly see relevant skills the candidate possesses. But candidates should ensure that they are proficient in these areas, not just plugging in keywords to rank better with the ATS.

In the employment section, keywords should be used in context and demonstrate achievements instead of simply listing responsibilities. The resume is not only appealing to ATS – it will reach the hands of a real person eventually, so it needs to read well and create a compelling story as to why the candidate is the best fit.

“Advanced technology is here to stay, so it is important that job seekers understand how to work with it, not against it,” says Clark. Grammar Chic assists job seekers in crafting a resume that appeals to both humans and ATS and can be easily tailored to various openings.

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