Former University of Texas Professor Receives Lifesaving Kidney Donation from His Physician Wife

HOUSTON, TX – 30 Mar, 2017 – Dr. Ronald J. Peters, Jr. was working hard at achieving the American dream when he received news that would change his life forever. Then, an associate professor at The University of Texas School of Public Health, he was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, a genetic disorder in which clusters of fluid-filled cysts grow within kidneys causing them to enlarge and become damaged. His father and grandfather both died as a result of the same disease.

In  January 2014, he learned that a kidney transplant would be needed to survive.  His wife LeCresha, a family medicine physician, immediately volunteered sharing that her faith in God strong and through prayer her spirit revealed that she would be a match.   And yes, she was indeed a match!  According to the National Kidney Foundation, about 4 percent of all kidney donations are made by a spouse.  Dr. Peters standing at 6 feet 3 inches and his wife at 5 feet 4 inches tall, they are members of a very small group of spouse-to-spouse kidney donations.

Prior to developing End Stage Renal Disease, the result of his long time battle with polycystic kidney disease, Dr. Peters started a memoir which took form as he recalled the significant events that shaped his life. The memoir is entitled, Crossing Farmers Boulevard: A Journey to Oneness in a Polarizing World. He and his wife hope that this book will serve as a tool to assist others who struggle to overcome adversity and increase organ donation awareness, especially among African Americans.

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