Bubble Battles is Bringing Something New to Corporate Team Building

Peoria – Based upon dozens of news reports in the past few weeks, it has become clear that workplace stress has reached a critical point in the United States. In the corporate world, there never seems to be enough practical ways for employees to properly blow off steam after a hard week’s work. While stress in the workplace has been at an all-time high in the United States, one company is proud to offer a fun service which can effectively decompress everyone in the office setting.

Bubble Battles is a company based out of Arizona that is dedicated to making sure your employees have a fun time while simultaneously channeling stress naturally built up during the work day. The company specializes in bubble based sports, a trend which has been recently praised for its immense amount of fun while focusing on individual safety. By having employees suit up in the plastic bubbles and play a variety of sports based mini-games, managers can ensure their subordinates are having a great time without having to worry about the marginalized risk of injury.

While bubbles sports and bubble battles have been a rapidly increasing trend for the general public in the past few years, its use in corporate outings and team building ideas has only recently started to gain attention. In fact, the sport has seen an exponential increase in the amount of scheduled corporate events over the past two years. With this rapid increase in business based bubble battles, more employees than ever are getting the chance to properly channel their frustrations into a fun and productive activity. For managers, this means more productive hours and fewer workplace incidents from their respective subordinates. For employees, this simply means a great time while developing closer bonds with coworkers.
In addition to bubble sports’ immense impact on workplace relationships and stress, the activity has proved to be less expensive that many typical corporate team building events, such as cookouts, retreats, and standard recreational sports. Considering that bubble battles are inexpensive and a preferred choice among employees, it makes complete sense why this industry has boomed within the corporate environment in recent years.

Potential customers are encouraged to contact Bubble Battles right away with any immediate questions or concerns. While the stress of a corporate setting might drag employees down, Bubble Battles is dedicated to turning this negative stress into a memorable experience.

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