Deceit, lies, passion, drama, crime – Blair London’s new novel reveals a horrific true story!

Popular author Blair London’s new book “Corrupt Teacher” is a shocking account of her horrific true life story of being deceived by a filthy criminal posing as a lover. Still a manuscript, the book will be published once author finalizes with a publisher.

A lovely young woman meets a charming photographer. They shared some rocking time together full of love and passion, but the guy had to leave as he was married to someone else. Yes, he used to come back to her after every 3-6 months and each time they were together, the photographer used to take explicit photographs of the woman. Deeply in love with him, she never doubted him as he convinced her that they would be his private keepsakes and would only be processed in a safe lab. Then, one day they lost touch. Still in love with the guy, the woman tries to trace him online only to find her confidential photos on sale! Filled with rage, the woman goes to confront the guy, but then mellows down on seeing him penniless and crippled. Once again, she tries to love him, and stays with him to make him feel better, only to discover a shocking truth about him- a truth so harsh that he has now FBI ringing his doorbell!!

Sounds like a movie script, eh? Well, just as truth is stranger than fiction, real life too can be as dramatic as the reel-life and sometimes even more horrific, as we see in the case above which accounts the true life story of thriller/crime author, Blair London. The author of several novels and celeb endorsements, Blair strikes a spine-chilling and heartbreaking tale in her new book “Corrupt Teacher” and this time it’s from her own real life experience.

“The story needs to be told. The world should be warned about such nasty unethical immoral people. He played with my feelings and toyed with my emotions. Such people are a shame to humanity and compel you to lose trust in people. They sweet-talk you to extent of you voluntarily longing to share the most private and confidential facts with them, only to be deceived and made horribly public later!” stated Blair London while announcing her new novel.

The book reveals her encounter with one of the nastiest possible human beings on earth, whom she mistook as her prince charming. A filthy man, Nolan (the guy) was a teacher by profession, but only took to photography to be with beautiful women so that he can fantasize about them later. Before cheating on Afton (the author’s character in the book), he had cheated on his wife, but did not leave her so he could feast on her wealth. Finally, when she died of breast cancer, he lied to Afton about a sorry tale of being abandoned by his wife which left him no choice but to sell Afton’s photographs to make his living.

“I trusted him. I had amazing thoughts about him, but little did I know that he had this illicit business of blackmailing people with their explicit photos which he used to take at fests and events where people got wildly drunk and indulged in free intimacy in public.”

But that’s not all – the final blow on Afton’s trust on Nolan was when she found out that he had been involved in one of the most heinous crimes of mankind! Shocking revelations at every twist, London’s real-life story poses serious questions about whom to trust and whom to not.

Blair London has written other books including: Young Squatters, Airport Stalking:  Jack’s Game, Children Below Us: Child Trafficking, Lure to Death: The Social Media Serial Killer; and Jobs for Angels: Veterans’ Nightmare Realities.  These books all contain elements of truth.

People can get their hands on this book once it’s published. To know more about the Corrupt Teacher, contact the author Blair London below.

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