Music producer uses reputable brand to promote young talents into global recognition

Librah Beats offers artists and music producers tools and resources needed to take their careers to the next level.

Music, art, and digital marketing. In today’s complex world, these are a winning combination that pushes creative endeavors to success. With access to abundant resources and a highly visible internet presence, Librah Beats offers unique services and opportunities for music producers, promoters, and artists to create amazing tracks and push them to the outside world. Librah Beats has produced thousands of tracks for upcoming artists, some of whom have made it to the top of their careers. He has also turned many artists and music producers into success stories using his social media platforms that command more than 50,000 followers and over 1 million YouTube viewers.

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“I’ve created a platform specifically to discover, nurture and grow talents. Through our efforts, thousands have found their true calling, with some of them successfully reaching the height of their career and making us and the rest of the world proud. We hope to do even more by offering professional services in music production, art designs and digital marketing that will take small talents to the global stage,” said Librah.

Librah Beats offers a whole world of opportunities for young and talented artists to find their ground and make steps into stardom. Their official website is lined with instrumentals and beats from some of the most sought after music producers in the business. The site allows free listening, while instant delivery of instruments to customers is guaranteed as soon as payment clears with PayPal. Music producers who need preset banks, loop packs, or drum samples can also go to to purchase quality presets all designed by Librah.

“I bought at least three kits from Librah and have not regretted it whatsoever. He is a pure genius that knows the rudiments of his trade and is never shy to express his wonderful talent. His presets make work simple for me, and I am glad I have someone like him by my side, helping me break new grounds in my career,” said Ben T, music producer.

Apart from beats, Librah also does digital marketing to help promote the works of small artists and music producers. He has built his brand from scratch with +1,000,000 YouTube views, 30,000 Twitter followers (@librahbeats) and 11,000 Instagram Followers (@librah_beats). Also, through his brand ArtWaves, he has helped music entrepreneurs develop branding materials such as logos, graphic arts, YouTube thumbnails, and more.

About Librah Beats

Librah Beats is a music production, distribution, and promotion outfit helping music producers and artists achieve their career goals. Since its establishment, the company has helped thousands of upcoming artists develop great music and brands, some of which have attained national and global recognition.

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