KOIOS is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach independent Vitamin, Supplement, and Nutrition retailers nationwide.

KOIOS: Natural Plant Power
KOIOS the drink is a mental performance/energy/fat burning RTD( Ready to Drink). We use 11 specific ingredients that target brain function to give end users heightened brain activity without the over use of stimulants. Each ingredient has been selected for their individual properties and years of medical research. Each ingredient also works well in combination to create elevated brain function.

“When we developed this product we wanted to make sure we were delivering the highest-grade materials in the safest way possible. Our mission is to deliver one of the world’s best supplements. We spared no expense so your brain could reach its fullest potential.

“Every one of our ingredients is sourced from the best possible places on earth and put through incredible scrutiny before we deliver it to you. Our product is not only safe, it is vital for your mind and is one of the world’s greatest nootropic blends said Chris Miller CEO of KOIOS.”

KOIOS is pleased to announce that an agreement has been signed with Mr. Checkout to distribute KOIOS beverages. Mr. Checkout is a national marketing Co-Op of approximately 35,000 convenience stores around the country.

The Mr. Checkout group consists of approximately 800 independent convenience store distributors, merchandisers and wholesale-to-distributor warehouse companies.

Mr. Checkout has also developed relationships with buyers in nearly every major big box store for over 30 years.

Media Contact
Company Name: KOIOS LLC
Contact Person: Gina Burris
Email: info@mentaltitan.com
Phone: 844-636-8258
Country: United States
Website: http://mrcheckout.net/koios/