Sibtein Alibhai met Philanthropist & 2017 Africa CEO Forum Awards Winner Mohammed Dewji To Make The World A Better Place

“It’s very inspiring &, I was looking forward to meet him during my visit to South Africa & it all turned out very well. It’s a great honor to be in his presence & a greater honor to have him as a friend,” said Mr Sibtein Alibhai on meeting Mr Mohamed Dewji – Forbes ‘Africa Person Of The Year’ 2015.

Mohammed Dewji

Along with the prestigious title Mr Dewji is a businessman, philanthropist & a politician.The president and CEO of MeTL Group, a Tanzanian conglomerate founded by his father in the 1970s. Tanzania’s only billionaire, Dewji operates in at least six African countries and has ambitions to expand to several more.

Mr Sibtein Alibhai the Founder & CEO of Grupo Alfa Inc one of the most prestigious real estate marketing, management and development in Costa Rica. Mr Alibhai’s company has carefully nurtured positive relationships with various individuals, corporate and conglomerates around the globe allowing the Group to increase its international footprint in the UAE and several African nations.

Sibtein Alibhai met Mohammed Dewji - Forbes African Person of the Year

A Philanthropists himself, Mr Sibtein Alibhai met Mr Dewji in his hotel where he was residing at Johannesburg, South Africa during his visit. They discussed about education for the underprivileged & how each one of them could help in charity where education would be listed as the top most priority.

Mr Alibhai himself has joined a high level delegation with The World Federation, an NGO registered with United Nations. Mr Alibhai along with the delegation visited many small towns in India to take part in education projects where the main emphasis was laid on providing basic education to the underprivileged. Over a span of 7 days, the delegation visited the Zainbaya School in Kareempur & Alipur (Karnataka, India) & the Unity College in Lucknow. Mr Alibhai described his experience as very enlightening.

Together the philanthropists aim at bringing a change in the education system. Working towards providing basic education to the underprivileged in third world countries – One day at a time – one step at a time, Making the world a better place.

Sibtein Alibhai with Mohammed Dewji - 2017 Africa CEO Froum Awards Winner


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