VidiFire – A New 4-Part Framework Course That Churns Out Attention Grabbing Videos in Any Niche Instantly

Video is undoubtedly the optimal way to reach the target audience and sell thing online. However, using video in marketing is one thing, but using it effectively is a whole other story. One person who really cracked the code to selling with video is Peter Beattie. While most people are working their tails off trying to get sales, Peter has figured out a way to craft simple videos that do all the selling for him.

In the past 18 months, Peter’s “Epic Videos” have generated over $1.5 million in revenue. Moreover, he has been a part of over 30 best selling products on JVZoo, most of which have done six figures each. It is his “Epic Video” formula called VidiFire was the secret ingredient behind those crazy numbers. VidiFire is Peter’s four-step formula for crafting “Epic Videos” that sell anything to anyone in need.

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The video grab attention & get Peter noticed, even in the most competitive niches. They systematically engage viewers and convert complete strangers into buyers. Moreover, they develop celebrity status, so customers never forget him, and keep coming back for more.

Here is what people will learn and discover inside VidiFire Training Course of Peter Beattie:

• Discover how Peter craft videos that have generated profit in sales online and how people can copy his system to success without tech experience.

• The introvert-friendly method to commanding top dollar making simple yet powerful epic videos for other businesses, without ever talking to anyone in person or doing any selling.

• How to leverage the “Trailer Park Manager Mindset” to whip up epic videos that “get the money” as quickly as possible.

• How to model popular “blockbuster movie trailers” to craft a compelling “video story” that the target market cannot ignore.

• How to tap into “The Curious Ape Within” laying dormant in customer’s mind and use it to take over any niche selling almost anything – digital products, coaching, consulting, psychical products, affiliate products and more.

• How to benefit from the natural curiosity and survival instinct present in all humans and use that to move the target customer’s attention to the preferred products or services.

• The “Video Seduction” mechanism that forces viewers to see the selected product or service as the optimal solution to their problem, even if it costs 5-10x more than the competition.

• The “Epic Social Proof Hack” that double conversions on ALL of videos, even without any customers and ignore everything else in this program.

• The right way to reveal the price of the product or service and get people viewer clicking that buy button after watching the video.

• 100% Newbie Friendly AND Veteran Approved – Go from zero to video hero in no time flat.

• A video sale-getting system that’s tried, tested and proven on over 30 best selling products and millions in sales.

• The “Interest Cultivation” technique that keeps viewer GLUED to their screen watching the video until the very end and taking the chosen action.

• Complete with a real 6-figure sales video case study, the exact templates Peter use to make his videos and his “private black book” or contractors he use to outsource video work to on the cheap.

This product is also ideal for:

• Newbies who are struggling to handle a consistent internet income and has a desire for a proven way to get leads & sales.

• Affiliate Marketers who want to attract attention and turn their commissions into overdrive with powerful video persuasion tactics.

• Product Creators who want to maximize sales of their online courses, coaching programs, software and info products.

• e-Commerce site owners who want to create impressive product videos that enhance sales and build a loyal following around physical products.

• Coaches & Consultants who want to create celebrity status and command high-end prices for their services.

• Authors, Speakers & Experts who wish to cement themselves as the authority in their niche while selling more of their products & programs.

• Offline Businesses who want to entice their target customers into their business on a daily basis by the truckload.

• YouTubers who want to double or triple their earnings from ad revenue by selling their own products and services

VidiFire Course
taps into mental triggers present in all living humans. If your customer has a pulse, VidiFire will make it easier for to sell your stuff to them. This stuff is universal and works in any niche. The product creator right now are also offering some bonuses to enhance user’s experience and come along with it is a 60 days refund guarantee to take out the risks of buyer.

Concerned reader may find more specific information in VidFire Course Review and Demo.

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