Single Mom and Award Winning Hairstylist Reveals 8 Shortcuts to Creating a Beautiful New Look This Year

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA – 30 Mar, 2017 – Charlotte Howard, a single mom, hairstylist, lifestyle coach and president of Heart Centered Women Media, Publishing and TV announced the release of her latest Success In Beauty book entitled: 8 Shortcuts to creating a beautiful new you.

Charlotte’s #1 international best selling book shares the essential steps every woman must take to win in all areas of her life. With a huge amount of responsibility constantly hanging over a woman’s head, it’s extremely hard for a woman to focus on themselves and many are suffering in silence, explains Charlotte Howard.

As a single mom of four beautiful children, she realized that women wear many different hats. Women can be mothers, wives, sisters and grandmothers to those around them. Many women are mentors, coaches and advisers. Women have a huge amount of responsibility constantly hanging over their heads, women often lose themselves and put their personal and professional goals on hold.

With Charlotte Howard’s Heart Centered Women Publishing, TV and Media companies producing over 46 International Best Selling Books thousands of women have been empowered to heal, thrive and grow in all areas of their lives.

Many of these women have gone on to create successful businesses doing what they love while making a difference in other people lives. “Most women work all their lives nurturing everyone else and is often overlooked by all they do,” explains Charlotte Howard. “I want to change that!!”

“I came from a family where I did not have much. I believed in hard work and still do!! My parents drilled my siblings and I to finish high school, go to college and get a job. We did it!!”

“However, I still wasn’t able to heal, thrive and grow personally and professionally until ten years later because I lost sight of what truly mattered in my heart,” explains Charlotte Howard.

Charlotte has now revolutionized a new way of living as a woman entrepreneur, after leaving corporate america and being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome back in 2000. She is on a mission to help women heal, thrive and grow personally and professionally with confidence. Learn more at her meet ups, retreats and talk shows.

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