Kenneth Ketner Orange County Based CLL Firm, LLC Announces Business Financing Services

Newport Beach, California – Kenneth Ketner, Business Development Manager at Orange County based business financing and business development consulting company, CLL Firm, LLC announces completion of a corporate debt restructuring program for publicly traded company, Southern ITS International, Inc. (Stock symbol: SITS).

Regarding CLL Firm’s business financing work, Kenneth Ketner stated; “CLL Firm is working diligently in assisting Southern ITS International as it moves forward with its expansion plans and it is our belief that restructuring the debt is an important part of that effort.”

Southern ITS International, Inc. issued provides Electronic Security and services to support government regulated high compliance industries including correctional facilities and gaming sectors. Southern ITS International, Inc. has historically developed and delivered to the gaming and corrections sectors high compliance support systems facilitating the integration and implementation of complementary technologies. SITS continues to deliver such electronic security and networking infrastructure to those clients.

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With offices in Newport Beach, California and Scottsdale, Arizona CLL Firm, LLC provides business development consulting services, business financing and payment processing merchant services solutions. The company can assist companies across the US and abroad. CLL Firm works with all types of businesses in a wide range of industry sectors. Kenneth Ketner has experience in the public securities markets, home building and public service. His twenty five plus year career has assisted many companies and individuals in obtaining and fulfilling their financing needs.

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