The Power of Creative Thinking – a very powerful professional guide into the world of creative thinking

Chicago, U.S.A – 30 March, 2017 – Do you desire to have life changing brilliant ideas that will change your life for ever?, do you find yourself having creativity block at some or most times when you need ideas. Then what you need is a guide that has been patterned to direct you to the most creative part of your brain. The best of such a guide is about to be launched. It is a brilliant book titled the power of creative thinking by TD Brewer.

This book is a modern variation of the best selling classic ‘As a Man Thinketh’ by James Allen. Creative thinking is much more than a buzzword. A hundred years after the famous best seller “As a Man Thinketh” began to influence lives positively towards the improvement of relationships, health, and the creation of wealth and happiness, ‘Creative Thinking’ still remains a compelling and timeless principle as ever.

In his book, “The power of Creative Thinking”, thought leader and strategist for successful living, T. D. Brewer combines the thought conflicts of today with the wisdom of old to provide practical suggestions for successful everyday living in this digital age.

Brewer challenges you to slow down just enough to access your hidden potential and gain the much-needed confidence to believe in yourself. You will learn to develop a mindset that breaks the strongholds of stress and worry, and gain the skillset to live life with passion, power, and purpose.

You are inherently wired to be creative, and this book will give you the confidence to believe wholeheartedly in your purpose and the courage to pursue your dreams.

Youll learn how to:

• Access your hidden potential and confidence to believe in you

• Develop a mindset that breaks the strongholds of stress and worry

• Breakthrough circumstances to live life with passion, power, and purpose

• Seize the confidence to believe in your purpose.

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