Entrepreneur Mary Jane Journey Helps Moms Gain Control of Their Emotions and Success

There’s hope for mother-daughter relationship problems. Mary Jane Journey joins national human behavior expert, Dr. Trevicia Williams, and Inside Out Moms to help moms who have 10-18 year-old daughters achieve balance and success.

The end of another powerful month long commemoration of Women’s History is upon us. This year highlighted the achievements of women in the United States over the past three decades. Joining that celebration, Real Beauty Inside Out continues to feature women who dare to follow their dreams, pursue their passions and inspire those around them while benefiting the worthy cause of helping mothers and their teen daughters have healthier relationships.

One of the features of the Real Beauty Inside Out Healthy Mother Daughter Relationships work is the Ambassadorship program which heightens community awareness about professionals in the area that offer enriching products, services, and opportunities. Mary Jane Journey joyfully took on the challenge beginning with our Back to School mother-daughter educational workshops during which moms were reached with copies of I Love You, BUT, I Can’t underSTAND You Right Now: Top Ten Talks for Moms with Tween and Teen Daughters as well as free strategies and tips for a successful school year, and, again in January with our involvement in the National Charity League’s annual meeting kicking off the new year during which nearly 200 moms were empowered!

Through the work-life balance program with Real Beauty Inside Out, Mary Jane Journey became an ambassador and got involved to help moms achieve balance and success by sharing her Young Living Essential Oils wellness products and the business opportunity. “I was able to strengthen my immune system, find more restful sleep, manage my emotions and create a relaxing atmosphere in my home. I’ve also discovered my passion with a job I love! It is easy to share as so many people desire to have better health and extra income, and Young Living can meet those needs for you as they have for me,” said Journey. More about her opportunity can be found on her profile in the I Love You, But, I Can’t underSTAND You Right Now: Top Ten Talks for Moms with Tween and Teen Daughters book available at amazon.com or by connecting with her online at: http://www.mjjourney.com or Social Media: Watch Mary Jane Journey on Youtube!

Journey has kindly offered a free packet of samples  for those who subscribe to her newsletter at http://www.mjjourney.com and put an “*” behind their name. For those who host a class in the Dallas Fort Worth area, free products will be given. There’s more! She’s also offering a $15 product credit and $25 worth of reference materials when you purchase a Young Living Premium Starter Kit.

“While it is one of the most complex relationships, the mother-daughter bond entails bequeathing intangibles such as emotional health, self-esteem, and, subsequently, life satisfaction. That’s why this seminar is so beneficial to moms and daughters. The seminar equips mothers and daughters to handle differences and the conflict that is typical during the turbulent tween and teen years,” says Williams

Human behavior expert, national speaker, author, and, former Texas child bride, Dr. Williams ( http://www.treviciawilliams.com ), accomplished more of her mission to empower moms, and, their teen daughters during her inspirational keynote speech at the National Charity League’s meeting. Some 200 moms were inspired and provided tips and strategies for living in abundance as well as work-life balance.

Involvement with Real Beauty Inside Out is a call to action. Entrepreneurial women who serve as Ambassadors also agree to support healthy mother-daughter relationships and strong communities through their involvement. It’s incredible to see the power of community, and, one woman can make a difference.

Find out more about “Real Beauty Inside Out” and upcoming seminars at: http://www.realbeautyinsideout.com, http://www.iomoms.com or https://www.facebook.com/motherdaughterrelationships

About Dr. Trevicia Williams

I Love You, But, I Can’t understand You Right Now: Top Ten Talks for Moms with Tween and Teen Daughters was written for busy moms, parents, grandparents, guardians, and/or caregivers to discover ways to grow their relationship with the tween-teen girls in their lives, Dr. Williams responded to the heart and cries of moms she encountered during seminars who simply wanted more insight and answers. She also considered the concerns of countless moms of teen girls who expressed wanting more from a book about raising their daughter.

For more about the book, upcoming mother daughter seminars and training, visit: http://www.iomoms.com or www.rea;beaityinsideout.com

About the Author

Dr. Trevicia Williams is a full potential living coach, motivational-inspirational speaker, and, human behavior expert with over a decade of education in the behavioral sciences. She holds a doctorate in psychology, and is America’s leading subject matter expert on a range of topics involving human behavior including effective communication, mother daughter relationships, teens, work-life balance, productivity, spirituality, parenting, healthy relationships, leadership, self-matters, value-based living, and, moral aptitude.

For more about Dr. Trevicia visit http://www.treviciawilliams.com

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