HHH-Health Retreats Offers Unique Luxury Retreats Across the Globe

London, UK – Many people find it very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even if they’re able to find the time to work out with any sense of regularity, or if they’re capable of preparing meals that contain some nutritional value, there’s still so much left to learn. HHH Health Retreats hopes to set people from any background on long-term, achievable health journeys that last a lifetime – and they do it through their luxury retreats across the globe.

Currently, there exist no shortage of retreats and vacation getaways to look into. Many hopeful travelers don’t want to put their hard earned money and brief time allotted for avacation into something that will only last a week and then serve no purpose. According to Alan Wichert and Henlu van der Westhuizen, founders of ‘HHH Health Retreats’, there are many people who’d like to go on a holiday, but still follow a certain fitness routine, thereby contributing positively to their health and learn some professional techniques and get advice that could last them a lifetime.

‘For this sort of active, health-based, and on-the-go lifestyle, we created ‘HHH Health Retreats.’ says co-founder and head trainer Henlu van der Westhuizen. ‘We attempt to meet all of these needs through a dynamic and unique array of luxury venues.’

Whereas your standard holiday will allow you a week of lounging around and enjoying yourself until you’re forced back into the real world, HHH’s retreats focus on instilling their vacationers with a plethora of healthy, delicious food,professionally supervised fitness training as well as top of the range spa and massage treatments, so you return home feeling energized and refreshed.

Offering retreats around the world, from the stunning 5 star Emelisse Art Hotel on the Greek island of Kefalonia, thetraditional ‘Haus Kienreich’ in the Alps of Austria, to the rejuvenating and picturesque beaches of Bali—there is truly something for everybody.

Each one of their getaways is designed to let you unwind, but also to kickstart your own personal health journey. According to co-founder and head chef Alan Wichert, everything is included the moment you step off the plane: daily yoga, detox cuisine, spa treatments, cooking school, plus a wide range of physical activities that keep everyone involved. Whether you are into hiking, swimming, fitness, cycling, golf or tennis, their retreats cater for all of these and many more,ensuring that you get the most out of your health holidays.

Furthermore are HHH retreats registered ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s Licence) partners and work closely with TradeWingsTravel UK, giving their guests added peace of mind and security.

To learn more about HHH Health Retreats, the places they go, and what makes their retreats so unique, simply check out their website, which contains all of the details, info on their in-house experts, as well as their long list of venues and programmes.

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