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30 Mar, 2017 – At the press meet held recently, the spokesperson of announced that they were happy to announce that they offer detailed reviews about Ebooks of different genres.

The spokesperson also said that as soon as the news about the launch of an Ebook is announced, the readers would be very eager to know whether the book has impressive writing, how well the author has maintained the story plot and if the book is worth spending their precious time reading. The site of offers straight forward reviews about various eBooks for helping the readers know how it is written and whether it caters to the expectations they might have. The reviews that this site provides are written in an honest fashion for helping the readers choose the best one that would keep them engaged for several hours, right from the start to the end.

Such reviews are very important for the book worms, as it would help them know about the eBooks that they should stay away from. There are several boring books that are offered with an attractive title to grab the readers’ attention. According to the website link at, book experts, who read each one personally to provide the readers with an honest opinion, write these eBook reviews. This has made the reviews on this site, a very popular choice among the readers across the world. The experts behind this review site also provide useful recommendations about several eBooks for guiding the readers about some must reads. Their team of dedicated reviewers gain an insight about the contents of each book in different category to write the reviews in a comprehensive fashion. With several years of expertise in providing eBook reviews, they make sure their reviews are crisp, short and clear.

The readers who do not have a clear picture about what an eBook is all about can find clear cut information at the site of The top notch reviews that the site features are available even on those eBooks based on the factors like popularity and viewership. These reviews offered by site are generally based upon its genre and age restriction. The reviews are sorted on the basis of several key factors, such as genre, author, release date and popularity. The eBook Week team reviews the books belonging to several genres ranging from health, technology, self-help and finances. One can find useful eBook reviews on several health related topics, such as skin care, body building, weight loss, cleansing and detox, diabetes and so on. Those who wish to read self-help books can find reviews about the eBooks written on personal growth and development, relationships and work behavior.


The website of ContinuumBooks.comenables the readers to read helpful reviews about eBooks of different genres to help the book lovers make well informed decision before choosing a book. The reviews are written in an interesting fashion to help the readers know which books to choose and which one to avoid. 

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