Airwheel S8 Mini Smart Electric Scooter Was Loved For Two Different Riding Formats

More and more people fall in love with Airwheel S8 mini with two hands free and enjoy two different riding formats for more riding comforts. The following will discuss Antonia’s first ride of S8 mini saddle-equipped scooter.

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Riding with Airwheel S8mini sitting-posture electric scooter makes riding like flying in the air due to the wonderful speed and marvelous riding experience. And more and more people fall in love with S8mini with two hands free and enjoy two different riding formats for more riding comforts. Antonia felt a little anxious when she first began riding Airwheel S8mini with the tiny and exquisite appearance because it was the first time that Antonia tried to ride with two hands free from a handle bar.

two wheel electric walkcar

Antonia wondered how she could control the directions of the tiny S8mini. But After riding with Airwheel S8mini self-balancing electric scooter for a while, Antonia completely enjoyed my scooter riding experience and felt surprised about the comfortable and wonderful riding experience that S8mini could provide. Instead of pedaling, Antonia can easily move forward by physical controls by leaning back and forth.

Airwheel S8mini self-balancing electric scooter

Besides, Antonia can enjoy two different riding postures on S8mini two wheel electric walkcar. When Antonia feel tired, she can sit down directly on the saddle, and can adjust the height of the saddle according to her statures. And Antonia can stand up with two feet on the left and right side on the footboard, and stretch the body for comforts. Truthfully, riders are able to experience a more comfortable and carefree scooter riding by shifting between the two riding postures.

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Airwheel Ideawheel S8mini intelligent power scooter also works as a convenient and flexible daily commuting transport. It is extremely easy-to-carry and light-weighted. Due to the small and tiny size, Antonia can easily ride S8mini on narrow streets and can easily go wherever she can go. It really works as a very flexible and convenient alternative transport for her daily commuting. For instance, she can go to the nearest supermarkets by riding S8mini with relaxation and pleasures. To sum up, with the excellent S8mini, Antonia’s commuting has been totally changed and it has become her most beloved daily alternative transport.

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