Credi Response is a revolutionary tool Developed by Cyrill Jeet that allows users to Send a Personal Message to any Individual who Comments on their Facebook Post

Credi Response is a 100 percent Facebook yielding software, it allows the user to use the new Facebook technology to view their FB posts and pages, and it allows them to send messages automatically to any individual who leaves a comment on their FB posts.

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Credi Response offers several unique features, but the main feature is thatg it helps the user to answer to any opinions or question of their customers automatically. The individual who comment on the marketer Facebook posting, then immediately he/she will receive an automated message that was drafted by the user earlier.

With Credi Response software, the user can reach out to many people who comments on their Facebook page with an automated personal message. The user can get instant access to the Credi Response software.  The software offers best features that include:

• It’s a web-based SAAS

• 100 percent Facebook ToS Well-Matched

• 100 percent IR (Inboxing Rate) Guarantee

• Actualize with customer name, etc.

• 100 percent automated, the user need to set once, and it will take care of the rest

How does it work?

Credi Response soft allows the user to any Facebook fan page, which they have complete control rights on. The user will see a list of all the fan pages in their account and allows them to select from the list. Once the user selects the audience from the list, then the system allows them to set page level responses.  This feature enables the marketer to send a reply to every post on their page, and also it facilitates the user to set a page-wide response. This page-wide response will be directed to anybody who comments on any post.

 Set post level response feature allows the marketer to place precise answers for specific posts. The Post responses will dominate if the users have set any page wide responses, which mean the customers do not feel deceived.

The rich reporting feature allows the user to see which page is generating the most action and on which days it is more active, which can be identified with the rich reporting system. With the Optional Delay feature of the Credi Response, allows the user to send a reminder or a reply in just 2hrs after the individual posts the comment.

CrediResponse is the most robust Facebook outreach system that allows the user to send a personal message to anybody who posts comments on their Facebook page. They can use 100 percent automated, and this feature allows the user to send the messages to anyone, all that the user need to do is just set up the message, and it will be directed to the individual immediately on autopilot when they post a comment on any FB page.  The tool helps the user to send website links, information, or anything that they want to send.  It is 100 percent inboxing rate offers along with the message notification sound and graphic. Credi Response allows the user to set up a specific response to posts or page level response. It has several other incredible features that make this software the unique and the advanced SAAS.

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