A large Dam, small Fish and the BaTonga – Insightful memoir of a Zambian man

A large Dam, small Fish and the BaTonga.
In Ursula Gröhn-Wittern’s biography “A large Dam, small Fish and the BaTonga”, a local man talks about cultural and historical changes in Zambia.

Gray K. Madyenkuku is a 95 years old man from Zambia who has seen more than most other people. Age alone, however, is not the only reason why his life story is so interesting. He always observed what was happening around him, and many of his observations are now told in an insightful and fascinating biography that does not only tell the story of an extraordinary life, but also the story of a country that constantly had to change. Readers will learn about the arrival of the first missionaries who came to the hot and remote Gwembe Valley in Southern Province of Zambia, and about the building of the Kariba dam, the largest man-made lake at that time.

Zambia’s fight for independence, the resettlement of 57.000 BaTonga people, and other events from Zambian history are at the core of “A large Dam, small Fish and the BaTonga” von Ursula Gröhn-Wittern. Readers with access to a smartphone can also scan QR Codes to gain access to the original recordings in which Gray K. Madyenkuku talks about his experiences. This is not a book to be missed by people who are interested in African history from the point of view of someone who witnessed it for almost one century.

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