GNFEI.COM Introduces Two Wheel Self Balancing Skywalker for Eco-Friendly & Amazing Personal Travel Experience

The LED fitted 8-inch self balancing skateboard is available in attractive designs and is ideal for people to cover small distances in an eco-friendly and pollution-free manner.

Traveling on a self-balancing scooter can be a lot of fun and at the same time, it can save fuel. In many cities, it can offer a convenient way to cut through the busy traffic and travel smoothly. GNFEI.COM now brings several new models of self-balancing scooters that are highly stylish with their attractive LED lights and are also a safe and eco-friendly a way to commute on congested city roads.

The company has introduced the 8-inch two-wheel self balancing skateboard that is available in a number of colors of black red, camouflage green, chrome blue, white blue, pink and others. The unicycle is currently available at a discount price and they also offer free international shipping. Powered by a 36V battery, it can cover a distance between 10km and 30km, depending upon the nature of the terrain. The spokesperson of the company reveals that one can enjoy traveling on this self-balancing scooter on different terrains without any difficulty.

GNFEI.COM Introduces Two Wheel Self Balancing Skywalker for Eco-Friendly & Amazing Personal Travel Experience

People can enjoy an excellent personal travel experience on the hoverboard that GNFEI.COM is now offering at a discount of 22% with free international shipping. One can choose from a range of exciting colors and can enjoy a smooth and hassle-free travel to cover distances up to 30km at a single charge. Fitted with a powerful lithium battery, the LED fitted self balancing scooter meets the international standards of CE, FCC and RoHS. It features an aluminum alloy frame, which is robust and durable.

GNFEI.COM’s self balancing skywalker is the new attraction that is fast becoming popular for its incredible features. One can travel on this skywalker at the maximum speed of over 30km/h and can cover distances in a short time period. Fitted with two 8-inch wheels, the weight of the skywalker is about 12kg. With a minimum load of 20kg, one can travel from 10 to 30km distance on a single charging. It however requires 1 to 2 hrs time to charge.

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