SocialX Could Help the User Generate Fresh On-Demand Leads and Traffic from “Dead” Facebook Assets

SocialX software helps the user generate new on-demand leads and traffic from ‘Dead’ Facebook assets, and the 4-hook technique helps deliver valuable visitors analytics and strong interactive basics that attract their audience into getting desired actions that lead to sales and conversion.

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SocialX helps the user post the list through the Pages Manager and Facebook group and assist them to provide interactive poll call-to-actions to their audience and engage them in interactive polls; also the user can offer multiple-step coupons and deal for a limited time.

If a marketer thinks that they can manage their business on Facebook or through outsourcing then should consider these facts. The facts are, they need to spend a lot of money on setting up a new Facebook account and give training to the business partners, pay money for PR agencies and several other things cost him/her a lot than what they get in profits. Also, the user needs to add status updates and communicate with customers and develop several other strategies to sustain the competition.

If the user follows the Facebook Marketing, then they should use Social X more than anything else, as it can help them generate more lucrative leads than any other software. It helps the newbie benefit from automation.  The software allows the user to post scheduling through the fan pages manager and Facebook groups offers profound stats instantly. And help the user to engage interactive polls, multi-step with opt-in forms, interactive poll call-to-actions, and deals with limited time.

The software is the best Facebook Marketing Tool that offers the user the vital approaching about their visitors and fans by providing advanced methodical features. So the users can understand their visitors and help them to form into groups. Also, the software includes the analytics feature and facilitates the user with the capacity to make highly attractive interactive posts. These posts can be used for different purposes, including sending visitors to their affiliate sales pages, and offers, collecting details about their visitors through making a list, surveys, and interactive opt-in forms and more.

SocialX app offers user-friendly and step-by-step features that facilitate the user to select between the conceptions of three different poll Types, including No/YES, Multiple or Dual. After selecting the pool type, the user will continue to select from three credible poll actions, including Email Opt-in, Call-to-Action, or Share in Social Media. All these choices are accessible from the same page, which makes it very perceptive and easy to setup.

SocialX soft separates into two different apps.  The interactive poll feature increases conversions through the users Facebook Page by engaging their audience and facilitating them to take some action. The other app is, Statistical and analytic features similar to having Google Analytic on Facebook, and everybody knows that Google method is very vital to Websites.

The users just need to post scheduling for their entire Facebook Groups form single destination, which is nothing but an effective social dashboard. The user must type in the post and choose the poll type, mark the groups that they want the post to appear in, and then they just need to set the date and time to upload the post and just wait as the SocialX will take care of the rest of the things.

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