XTractor 2.0 – A Perfectly Designed Product To Help Users Get Targeted Audiences With Its Amazing Features.

Xtractor 2.0

XTractor 2.0 is a simple tool that allows the users to target the right audience and helps them save much money. With XTractor 2.0, the marketers can advertise to targeted individuals and save on advertisement cost.

XTractor 2.0 is an entirely designed web-browser add-on that can help the user get leads in just a matter of time with its outstanding features.  The software can extract targeted audience from Facebook emails, groups, image/video page, search and events. The user can use the pulled out emails to target the perfect audience on Facebook Campaigns. Xtractor is a Chrome Extension so it can be utilized everywhere.  The user just needs to click on the extension to see all the audience. 

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XTractor 2.0 Awesome Features:

Extract from Search: To search the audience the user has to search for people and press to get the Facebook Emails and UIDs.

Extract from Groups: The user has to go to the Group “Members” Page and press the button to get Facebook Emails and UIDs.

Extract from Page: The user has to go to the page and click to get FB emails and UIDs.

Extract from Event: The user has to go to the event page and click on ‘maybe’/ ’going’ / ‘invited’ and press the button to get FB emails and UIDs.

Extract from Post:  The user has to go to the post page, then click on the date of the post, and click again to get FB Emails and UIDs.

Extract from Video/Image: The user has to go to the Video/Image post, click on the date of the post, and again click to get Facebook emails and UIDs.

With XTractor 2.0 the user does not have any difficulty in getting perfect leads to their service or product. The software is designed perfectly to permit the user to extract the targeted audience through Facebook Emails and UIDs from everything. The user can use the obtained emails to get a targeted audience on Facebook Campaign. It is a simple Chrome Extension that allows the user to use it anywhere and with a simple click on the extension, they can get as many leads and audience as they want.

The Xtractorr2.0 Chrome Extension can help the user get 100 UIDs and Emails when they download the software today. The Xtractor 2.0 pro version is also available for people who are looking for more advanced features. It offers limitless FB Emails and UIDs and quick auto scroll. The user does not need to spend much money on advertisement to get the right audience. With XTractor 2.0 they can get all that for a very reasonable price.

With Xtractor 2.0 bonus feature the user can also discover the Facebook Marketers secret and learn how they are using fan pages for maximum commitment and keeping their fans trapped to their offers and contents delivered every single day. Also, the users can learn the strategies to generate thousands of leads and traffic to enhance their business by understanding the strategic loopholes. Get this incredible Xtractor 2.0 today and get 100 Facebook emails and UIDs instantly.

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