Helix House Digital Advertising Unveils 3 Keys for Scaling a Business

Helix House, Phoenix’s leading digital advertising agency, has given three essential tips for successfully scaling a business – something that can help avoid the consequences of a poorly handled scaling operation.

Business men and women, who have been through a scaling operation before, understand that major processes of running a business need to change. Whether it is the sales process, management structure, distributing network, production capabilities, quality of service, financial model, or customer service, the overall mindset and business structure has to adjust to the new realities of increasing business size. The scale efforts will also require the best marketing and advertising available. With years of experience in helping businesses scale, Helix House reviews some suggestions that will help entrepreneurs overcome the major obstacles to scaling a business.

The first key for scaling a business, suggested by Helix House, is to consider what it means to scale. Scaling a business is different from growing a business. It is not only a matter of increasing the revenue. To scale, the growth of revenue must be at a greater rate than the growth of operating costs. Preferably, adding revenues would only require smaller and smaller increases to operating costs.

The second key is to focus on infrastructure. A strong infrastructure is essential if you plan to scale your business, and can be compared to having a strong foundation for a home. At Helix House, the overall infrastructure is divided in two categories: physical infrastructure and institutional infrastructure. When investing in physical infrastructure (e.g. office space) it is important to avoid investing in elements that will end up costing more than they will make in the long-run. The institutional infrastructure consists of the organizational and management structures, and the unique and irreplaceable human talent that runs the business. A strong infrastructure will produce positive results and create profits, in a scalable way.

Finally, Helix House Phoenix suggests business owners to think big. While it may sound like a cliché, if you want to scale rapidly and sustainably, you need to think big. This means searching for large markets for the product and services, thinking of fast and effective ways to expand the audience and outreach, networking on a high-level, looking at the scope of the business in terms of years, and planning new income streams.

Helix House offers a broad range of digital advertising and digital marketing services. Their customized services include website design and development, paid search, retargeting, email marketing, brand management, social media marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization, search engine optimization, direct mail, and e-commerce management. As a Phoenix SEO company, Helix House has organized workshops on SEO and social marketing for startups. They have a long list of customers that include Parker & Sons, Hastings & Hastings, and Jacoby & Meyers Law Offices.

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