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Any stain will no longer remain
Super Power is a powder and Liquid detergent with high chemical cleaning solution. Also, Super Power has a clear/transparent cleaner & degreaser and bleach. Super Power Fabric softener coming soon.

Super Power laundry detergent is a powerful cleaning solution that fight stains and is gentle on your clothes. Our detergent is used for hand and machine washing and is made from biodegradable ingredients that are eco-friendly.

Our brand was developed in 2013 by entrepreneur and Father of two, Jose Arias in Miami, Florida. Jose and his team are determined to supply South Florida, Regional, National and International with a laundry detergent that has been chemically lab tested to be high quality, safe to the environment, and economically priced.

Super Power’s mission is to provide consumers with excellent products of the highest quality that will deliver fresh scents, a powerful cleaning solution, and leave clothes spotless.

We have Liquid, powder, cleaner & degreaser and bleach formulas in many package sizes that are suitable to different budgets.

• The liquid and White powder detergent with blue cleaning microspheres with SUPER POWER colors that last wash after wash.

• Removes all stains and your clothes stay bright for life.

• Made from biodegradable ingredients and friendly to the environment.

• Hand wash has never been so easy until SUPER POWER came to the rescue.

• Wash all your clothes with small amount of SUPER POWER in your washing machine, Choose from all our presentations to suit your budget and needs.

• SUPER POWER scented freshness that lasts becoming the favorite of all.

Now, have you ever wonder how laundry detergent started? where did one of our most used cleaning products came from? Initially, or even in many countries now a day’s people would watch their clothing in a lake or river using a washboard and some soap.

Throughout the time of Egyptians and Babylonians, soap came from rendered animal fat and Ashes. It wasn’t until World War II that laundry detergent came out. Laundry detergent is not a soap but actually a chemical compound which cleans clothing by keeping the dirt suspended in the water while breaking down barriers between the water molecules so the water can be more efficient. Using laundry detergent was a cheaper, more efficient method of washing clothing and it did not take long for people to start switching to this method. And yes, Here I am.

Interesting, huh…? Yep! That’s why I’ve shared with you all.

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