New Book Reveals Proven Tips Of Law Of Attraction To Turn Failure To Success

New book by “Law of Attraction” author Charles Preston Hill Jr. teaches the lessons to attain success and freedom from fear through appropriate application and understanding of law of attraction.

Plano, Texas – March 31, 2017 – All those frustrated with futile attempts and struggling to find meaning in life seem to have a messiah now! New book “Law of Attraction: Overcoming Fear To Achieve Great Success” has just been launched with eye-opening revelations on how to turn things around with a deeper understanding of the law of attraction.

Penned by popular author Charles Preston Hill Jr., the Kindle masterpiece shares proven tips based on the author’s own personal experience and realizations from many years of study of the laws of attraction.

The Kindle edition has been launched on Amazon.

“I am excited to announce the launch of another edition of my ‘Law of Attraction’ series and this time it’s all about how you can learn to attain success and freedom from fear”, stated the author while announcing the launch of his new book.

According to him we are driven by both the fear of success and failure. Both the fears show similar symptoms and handicap one from achieving his dreams & goals in life. The worst bit is that the fear of success stays unconscious in many which consequently prevent them from sensing it on time and fight back.

“It’s the unconscious fear of success which often holds you back from achieving all the great things in life. But you know what, what we think and feel is what we tend to actually attract in our experience. So, if we are always doubtful & fearful, it would only magnet more fears. But similarly, if we start believing in success, we will eventually be able to chart our route to the desired achievements. You have to believe that you’re happy to be actually happy. Likewise, if you make yourself believe that you’re rich, the game is already half won. It’s my extensive studies in law of attraction that revealed to me this eternal truth and I am happy to lay it out before you now through my new book.”

Born in Wilmington, Charles had always condemned the drug catastrophes his hometown is infamous for. He aspired for a better healthier life and chose the blessed tread of prayer and enlightenment bypassing the menacing alleys of drug culture. For years, he was an ardent student of New Thought Movement and after his MBA; he moved to Dallas for a new life. He debuted in the pen world with “Law of Attraction: The Power Of Positive Thinking”.

Speaking further on his new book, the author highlighted on 3 main inspiring tenets for the readers.

“My readers will have enlightening lessons on:

• How discovery of happiness can generate more happiness while a culture of angst or sadness would produce likewise averse results.

• The path to make visualization work through law of attraction

• How to bring BIG changes in life through easy instructions and make law of attraction benefit you from the first day only

My lessons would work even when you have never tried the law of attraction.”

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