Revolutionary Video And Image Tagging Software Tifti Marks New Era Of Frameless Ecommerce

24 year old genius tech entrepreneur, Joseph Lazukin, has come up with a futuristic video & image tagging software called Tifti which will help anybody monetize from any image or video online.

Scottsdale, AZ – March 31, 2017 – How awesome would it be if all the time you spend on social media could fetch you some handy bucks? Sounds utopian, right? Well, not anymore!  The world is going to soon witness a revolutionary shift in consumer advertising with a video and image tagging software called Tifti, which will help anybody to monetize directly from any image or video on the web, including those from Facebook & Twitter posts. Designed by tech veteran Joseph Lazukin, the tool is all set to usher in a new welcome era of frameless ecommerce.

The software will be publicly released on May 1, 2017 and there are already around 1K people on waiting list.

“I am excited to announce the upcoming launch of a game-changing video and image tagging software called Tifti which is setup to disrupt the way we shop online and digest product advertisements for the better. It’s something that has been a long time coming and is a natural shift in the “instant demand” economy we live in and will create a whole new avenue for advertisers to reach potential customers. Tifti will help anybody monetize from the image and video content they share online by tagging products and directing traffic to their own stores or to brands partnered with our platform earning a commission for every sale,” stated Joseph Lazukin over a recent live stream about his futuristic software.

“When was the last time you saw something while browsing online, and tried to find out where to buy it? How many times did you actually find what you were looking for? What if it were one click away? Would you buy more often? This is where Tifti comes in, saving those sales, while also giving an opportunity for our users to generate income from referrals and looking at the staggering amount of time people now spend online sharing content, especially on popular social media sites like Facebook & Twitter, it was time for a change. Word of mouth and influencer marketing have always been the two strongest mediums and I believe the service Tifti provides strongly enhances that effect, and has created a marketplace where everybody wins. Who wouldn’t want to make a few hundred or a few thousand a month just off referral traffic from the content they share every day?”

Tifti speaks of the great potential to create another marketing channel for business owners as soon they would be able to sell directly to consumers through content marketing.

When added to posts on social media, every day social media users would be able to use Tifti to tag their images and videos, and generate commissions from the traffic.

Now, how do users enable an interested audience to shop right from their pictures or videos with Tifti?

“With Tifti, you can tag products on your the banner of your website, pictures of outfits from your fashion blog, promotional videos, or in social media posts of cool interior design or decor you stumble upon in shops, and link straight to your store or any of the brand’s we’ve partnered with to earn a commission from every referral,” Joseph explained.

Tifti will work for almost any sort of brand, ranging from clothing and accessories to home décor to art & digital print to pet apparel, any brand which sells physical or even digital products through their service.

When approached about how did Joseph come up with this idea, he said “I always saw things on the internet, in music videos, or on TV shows that I wanted to buy but there was never really a good way to figure out where, and I thought wouldn’t it be nice if you could just tap on the screen and the item would appear for you check out right then and there, and that is how Tifti was born. However the idea of paying users for tagging brands really hit me later when I saw friends working two or three jobs just to pay for college and avoid debt, while another friend of mine was jobless getting paid thousands just to post to her Instagram following. It got me wondering if there was a way I could make product promotion more natural for both publishers and brands and help my friends avoid working their lives away in the process, by capitalizing on the one thing my generation does every day, sharing on social media.”

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