ICARUS – A Breakthrough App for a new generation of influencers & tutorials

Queens, New York – The power of social media influencers is directly related to their user base. A new app, ICARUS, now offers an easy way for anyone to create cool tutorials, guides, videos, hacks and inspiring content and watch their following grow.

ICARUS is simple, bold and to the point. The app is meant for both the up and coming influencers and those aspiring to increase their following. A simple and intuitive design gives all the freedom to create a 10-photo story or a one minute video. There is no limit to what can be created using ICARUS – makeup videos, fitness tutorials, baking recipes or dance lessons.

Influencers need an ever growing audience, and ICARUS is built to let their ideas shine. The unique T2P (tap to pause) feature of the app is ideal for creating DIY guides and photo stories that can be instantly shared on social media. As the following grows, the creator earns titles to indicate their position and popularity in the community. Influencers whose following is under 10-15,000 can specially benefit from the ease with which they can boost their user base with hash tags.

ICARUS is currently available on iOS, and comes with a Pro version that allows up to 3 minute long videos. Users can also embed their website links that can be explored within the app itself. Those who love animated GIFs will specially like the ease with which they can create a video and share it on social networks.

“Our purpose is to create an exclusive platform for a new wave of social media influencers who don’t have an audience big enough yet, but have great ideas and tutorials to share,” said Danny Tirmizi, Founder, ICARUS.

The latest version of ICARUS comes with a new user friendly interface and features such as a side swipe timelines for daily posts. The Pro version will soon get an upgrade with features like video filters. ICARUS is a handy, essential tool for anyone who wishes to make it to the big league of tomorrow’s influencers.

To know more, please visit: www.IcarusNow.com

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Company Name: Icarus App L.L.C
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Country: United States
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