Fair House Offer Goes A Step Further To Assist Homeowners Who Don\’t Have Equity In Properties.

31 March, 2017 – The nation’s foremost real estate buyers, Fair House Offer, proudly announces Lease Option Program aka Rent-to-Own Program to assists homeowners who need or want to move but don’t have any equity in the property to do so.

Essentially, the program entails an agreement whereby the seller leases the property (Home) to Fair House offer (the buyer) with an “option” to buy the property (Home) at a future date, for an already agreed-upon sales price. Meanwhile, the buyer is responsible for all maintenance and repairs.

The program affords house owners the opportunity to command a higher than average sales price and immediate debt and/or stress relief.

“It was lovely doing business with Fair House Offer… I was somewhat skeptical at first… moving through the process encouraged me. It was a learning and pleasurable experience. I am elated with the end result.” As said by Melva.H

This program is perfect for homeowners and sellers who: have a vacant home; who have a property that doesn’t have any equity; who have a tight time frame; People whose home currently stands in the market month in month out; people making a double mortgage payment, it would be something worthwhile or those who can’t compete with distressed properties in the market.

Fair House Offer’s lease option program is the best resource to assist you with obtaining top sales price. This properly structured lease option agreement will be hugely beneficial to Homeowners financially and mentally.


Fair House Offer is a distinguished name when it comes to Real Estate. Fair House Offers take over the burdens, buying vacant lots and unwanted properties of any condition and fixing the rest. With Fair House offer, you get the security of knowing you’re working with the best real estate professionals

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