International Discovery Model and Talent of the Year Competition

The 2017 International Discovery Model and Talent of the Year Competition. The competition will showcase talent from around the world, vying for a chance to be seen by the entertainment industry’s elite.

Competition is stiff and only the strong will survive to see who the next international model and talent of the year.

New York, NY – March 31st, 2017 – Aspiring models and talent from around the world are always in search of that “big break”. Some are in markets where it is hard to be seen and some are in markets where they are often overlooked. This competition gives talent a fair chance to gain notoriety and the chance to be recognized as the worlds “Hottest Talent”. Celebrities, talent agents and fashion gurus will judge the event to see who personifies grace, style, stage presence and beauty to the fullest. Over 100 models and talent and 500 guests are expected to attend along with celebrity judges to be announced.

“This is a chance for talent to take themselves to the next level and be recognized as one of the new premier model or talent in the country,” expresses Karen Harrell, International Talent Scout. “Attendees will be entertained by the format which will showcase the models, actors, singers and dancers.”

The Shelborn South Beach serves as a perfect platform of elegance and grace for this year competition and will host all activities as it relates to the International Discovery Model and Talent of the Year Competition.

About The Karen Harrell Creative Company

The Karen Harrell Creative, which was established in 2000 out of New York, NY. The face behind the company is Karen Harrell a Former model from Europe with fifteen years experience. Now, The Karen Harrell Creative is one of the leading creative talent development firms in the US. The firm has a focus on the fashion and entertainment industry and has helped to jet start many careers in this demanding industry.

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