WICHITA, KS – 31 Mar, 2017 – Slickwraps today introduced a desktop device guaranteed to revolutionize the mobile device protection industry by bringing production into the hands of everybody.

As John Lennon might say: “Power to the people!” *

Called the Contour, the desktop device works like a 3D printer, spraying a durable skin made of advanced 3M® materials directly onto iPhones, Androids and other mobile electronic devices. The $299 Contour is bigger than a breadbox (but just!) and empowers consumers to recreate Slickwraps’ entire line of wraps, from rare woods and sexy leather themes to glow, carbon fiber and more.

No longer will customers have to leave their home or even go online to acquire mobile device protection. It is there, quite literally, at their fingerprints.

Slickwraps CEO Jonathan Endicott said Contour is something his staff has been tinkering with for years (when not building the Wichita, Kan.-based company into a leader in the device protection industry).

The impetus behind it was two-fold.

“Our customers have an insatiable desire for Slickwraps for their iPhones, Androids and other devices,” Endicott said. “They don’t want just one, and when they decide they want a new one, they want it now. As in ten minutes ago.” As it turns out, ten minutes is just about what it takes the Contour to produce and install a new wrap on a mobile device.

The second motivating factor was a broader, philosophical goal.

“We want to participate in the whole idea of open sourcing technology — making it available to everybody,” Endicott said. “The ability to manufacture mobile device protection shouldn’t be just the purview of some pointy-heads in an ivory tower or mad scientists in a basement somewhere.”

“Not that we keep our scientists in a basement,” Endicott added with a chuckle. Endicott added that Slickwraps designers “don’t have the market cornered on creativity,” and he anticipates that Contour users will come up with breathtakingly original wraps of their own, such as using the hemp and stone themes together on a wrap. “Hey, why didn’t we think of that?” he said, with another chuckle.

Asked if he’s worried about the possible effect of Contour on Slickwraps’ traditional sales, Endicott shouted “Not at all! Competition is good for everybody. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

While the Contour has been under development for some years, Endicott credited Mongolian engineer Edward Nara with the seemingly simple yet stunning cognitive shift that made Contour possible. Rather than re-invent the wheel, or rather the 3D printer, Nara focused on reworking materials already in existence.

“In the steppes, we have always adapted the technology of cultures we’ve come into contact with,” Nara said.

In fact, Nara said, he was inspired by the recent Netflix production of “Marco Polo,” which depicts the great Mongolian conqueror Kublai Khan working in concert with Italian adventurer Marco Polo. **

“For instance, Marco taught Kublai how to use catapults to shoot balls of fire into Chinese cities,” Nara said. “This is similar.”

Early testing of Contour has left users praising it as intuitively simple to operate, empowering them to produce wraps as sleek and well-fitting as the professionals at Slickwraps. No prior manufacturing experience is necessary, as 29-year-old college sophomore Brie McPherson attested after producing a glowing pink camo wrap on her first try.

“I can’t wait to make another one,” she said. “It seems crazy to replace a perfectly good wrap, but I probably will.”

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Contour launches April 1, 2017.

* John Lennon, 1940-1980, was a British musician and songwriter. He is not officially affiliated with Contour.
** Kublai Khan, 1215-1294, was the fifth Khagan of the Mongol Empire. He is not officially affiliated with Contour.

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